Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business offers an undergraduate concentration in accounting for students who intend to become certified public accountants or internal auditors, industrial accountants, or corporate or government managers who will make decisions based on accounting information and operate control systems using accounting principles.
The concentration in accounting also provides a comprehensive background for graduate study in business law, tax law, and economics. Prospective students should note that many states have implemented a 150-hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. Students should ask their State Board of Accountancy about rules and regulations to sit for this exam.
The concentration in accounting includes courses in basic and intermediate accounting and in specialized fields such as cost accounting, auditing, and taxation.
For an overview of the required courses in this concentration, consult the undergraduate course catalog here.
Learning Objectives
At the completion of their undergraduate course of study, accounting majors will have:

  • achieved entry-level understanding of financial and managerial accounting concepts, methods, and uses.
  • attained an understanding of a number of significant differences between U.S. (GAAP) and international (IFRS) financial accounting practices.
  • understood and be able to explain a number of significant economic consequences and limitations of accounting policy choices.
  • examined a number of ethical choices accountants confront.

Major Requirements
All accounting majors are required to take five classes beyond ACCT 101 and ACCT 102.
The following classes are required of all accounting majors:

  • Intermediate Acct I: ACCT 201 (Fall only)
  • Intermediate Acct II: ACCT 202 (Spring only)

Accounting majors may choose three electives from the following list to complete their major:

  • Advanced Accounting: ACCT 251 (Fall only)    
  • Auditing: ACCT 271 (Fall only)
  • Business Law II: ACCT 281 (Spring only)
  • Cost Accounting: ACCT 211 (Spring only)
  • Decision Support Systems: OPIM 258 (Spring only)
  • Financial Statement Analysis: ACCT 243 (Fall only)
  • Taxation I: ACCT 221 (Fall only)
  • Taxation II: ACCT 222 (Spring only)

Faculty Advisor
For more information about the major, students may contact the faculty advisor for the Accounting major, Kirsten Anderson.