With a focus on organizational leadership, the Executive Master's in Leadership helps students anticipate the future, identify an organization's desired position in that future, implement the steps to place the organization at the forefront, and lead othe


Challenges of Leading: Learning, Being, and Doing
The opening residency is an off-campus experience that takes place over a long weekend. Introducing students to the EML program and faculty, the program is designed to inspire students to begin thinking more deeply and systematically about their conceptions of leadership and the arenas in which they plan to demonstrate leadership. In addition, the residency helps to build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among members of the cohort.

Leading in an International Context
A signature experience, the Global Residency provides students the opportunity to put concepts learned in the classroom into practice in an international setting. The course begins on campus with a series of lectures and discussions designed to produce a better understanding of the history, culture, and leadership challenges that exist in the international residency location. In addition, students work on a leadership-focused consulting project for a client in the host country. The experience culminates in a one-week, international residency where student teams present recommendations to the client and participate in a week of academic and cultural experiences. The current location for the EML Global Residency is Cape Town, South Africa.

Leading for the Future
This off-campus residency includes a significant emphasis on the understanding and application of selected Jesuit disciplines (e.g., contemplative action and daily examination) to each individual’s personal planning for the future.