Connect with Georgetown's global network to build professional relationships, learn about upcoming events and explore career opportunities.

Alumni Networks

Alumni of Georgetown University McDonough School of Business may build their professional network by participating in networking events, joining networking groups, and staying in touch with their fellow Hoyas.

Career networking is supported by Hoyas Online, the online community for undergraduate and graduate alumni to keep up to date with their fellow Hoyas, learn about upcoming reunions, explore career opportunities, and connect with Georgetown’s global network.

Networking Events
Georgetown University and the McDonough School of Business frequently host networking events in cities around the nation and across the world. These events offer opportunities for alumni to meet fellow Georgetown University alumni, build social capital and networks within their industry, and broaden their career search with the help of fellow Hoyas.

Wall Street Alliance
The Georgetown University Wall Street Alliance connects more than 4,500 members of the Georgetown community in financial services, bringing attention to the university and its students, and opening doors for Alliance members.

Entrepreneurship Alliance
The Alliance is alumni-led and academically integrated with the entire University – all schools, all programs. The goal of the Alliance is to create an international footprint for catalyzing entrepreneurship at GU.

Venturing Hoyas
We want to welcome anyone within the startup ecosystem, whether you are starting your own business, involved in the legal startup side, work at a VC, etc (or even if you are just considering making the transition).

Chicago Business
The Georgetown University Chicago Business Alliance is a professional community for alumni, parents and friends interested in networking, mentoring and raising Georgetown's profile in the Midwestern business community. Modeled after the Wall Street Alliance in New York, which has enjoyed 20 years of success, the Chicago Business Alliance launched in 2011 and is committed to serving the community by broadening the opportunities for engagement among alumni and friends throughout the Midwest.

City Alliance
The City Alliance brings together Alumni, Parents, Students and Friends who have an interest in networking, mentoring, career counseling and promoting Georgetown's profile in the London financial community.

Georgetown Technology Alliance
GTA creates opportunities for shared learning and service around technology and biotech issues while deepening ties between this business community and Georgetown University.

Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance
The Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance connects members of the Georgetown community involved in the entertainment and media industries worldwide.

Young Alumni Mentor Program
The Young Alumni Mentor Program presents opportunities for alumni to serve as mentors to current undergraduate and graduate students at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. Events and activities include formal dinners, interviewing and professional development workshops, roundtable discussions, and other networking activities.

Social Networking
Alumni of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business are encouraged to join the Georgetown McDonough Alumni group on LinkedIn, as well as to “like” the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Alumni Network on Facebook.