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Global Stories

Georgetown McDonough provides a curriculum that prepares our students for the global stage: through unrivaled access influencers only Washington, D.C., can offer, international consulting opportunities in key global destinations, and access to curricula from the world-renowed Walsh School of Foreign Service. This page is dedicated to featuring the exciting endeavors our students and recent alumni are engaging in worldwide. Hoya Saxa!

Global Stories

Sherry Xiaoning Hou

“I developed the ability to adapt to a new culture and at the same time learned how to pace myself to succeed both academically and at job-hunting, which was invaluable. Being flexible and adaptable is required in the current changing job market, and a Georgetown MBA prepared me for that.”

Alumna Takes MBA to Sydney
Tatiana Hadchiti (B’18)

“GBE teaches teamwork, organization, communication, and professionalism in addition to valuable consulting skills. It is a particularly unique and rewarding experience.”

Senior Learns Business Around the World
Patrick Liu (MBA’17)

“Before business school, I had worked in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The first time I had worked in Latin America was with the GBE. I learned a lot from the GBE experience about the Brazilian market and people that help me in my work now.”

Alumnus Working for a Chinese Multinational Banking Company
Misty Li

“Globalization is here to stay, and it is essential for businesses today to realize that and take advantage of globalization. Working on a long-term project for Nestlé over the course of the semester allowed my team and me the opportunity to study the company in depth and understand which factors of globalization Nestlé was most affected by.”

Senior Headed to Morgan Stanley’s Hong Kong Offices After Graduation
Tahira Taylor

“The program begins with a deep dive into the global economy, and given the direction of the world, that class is only going to become more relevant and interesting. Every course has substantial elements of Georgetown’s global personality, whether it be through case studies based on businesses in Spain, or research projects about the business policies of South Africa.”

MBA Alumna Begins WPP’s Global Marketing Fellowship Program
Nicolas Pinga

“I knew I wanted to work in different countries and develop an international career. I focused on the financial services industry, and with the help of Georgetown’s strong network, I was able to find a job that suits my career goals and interests.”

MBA alumnus working in Sao Paulo’s Citibank Offices
Josh Ellars (EMBA’15)

“One of the greatest challenges I have faced in the process of building this company on nights and weekends has been to set aside my own preconceived ideas about what the market needs. Rather, I focus on necessary work and research in order to identify the true issues companies face when attempting to access the global public sector technology market.”

EMBA Alumnus to Launch Software and Consulting Firm Focused on Global Public Sector Technology
Deepak Addanki (MBA’17)

“Regardless of what opportunities you choose from the university, such as studying abroad, you will surely have a global experience just by meeting all of your classmates. I have friends from every continent thanks to Georgetown, so I feel support from every corner of the world.”

Alumnus Joined Amazon Europe After Graduation
Philip Agbeko (EMBA ’15)

“We were motivated by our experiences at Georgetown University to create value, serve a niche need, and make a positive impact while delivering services. Our values emphasize our commitment to socio-economic development and align with the Jesuit principles of service to society and the community.”

EMBA Alumni Launch Global Management Consulting Firm Focused in Africa