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Booz Allen Hamilton

Client Profile
Booz Allen is a leading global consulting firm. Its clients are primarily senior executives in the defense, intelligence, and civil sectors of the U.S. government, though the firm also works with corporations, institutions, and nonprofit organizations.  Booz Allen provides clients with technical and implementation expertise across a broad range of capability areas, including strategy, analytics, operations, change management, information technology, systems engineering, and program management.  The firm has more than 25,000 personnel and $5 billion in annual revenue.
Client Goals
In late 2008, Booz Allen was seeking a partner to jointly develop and deliver an advanced change management program, including rigorous certification that would differentiate its practitioners from competitors.  The program would ultimately need to meet the needs of government leaders, including calls for increased accountability in an era of flat or declining budgets.

Georgetown’s Custom Program for Booz Allen
Following a bid competitive process, Booz Allen selected Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.  Members of the firm’s senior leadership team worked closely with Georgetown faculty to develop a program that applied and integrated faculty and firm expertise in multiple areas – leadership, culture, human capital management, strategy, and operations management. The result was a comprehensive, graduate-level change-management program.  The intensive, five-month program, with 50 percent of the content taught by Georgetown faculty and 50 percent by Booz Allen, marries theory and practice, and grants change-management “black belt” certification–making the program the first of its kind in an increasingly important area.

To date, over 400 consultants have completed in the program. Starting in June 2011 a customized version of the program taught jointly by Booz Allen and Georgetown will be offered directly to senior government executives.

The program has enhanced Booz Allen’s ability to help government agencies manage change, mitigate risk and protect their investment in people, programs and assets.  “This program’s unique foundation in theory and practice provides a full arsenal of change management knowledge and tools to our consultants,” said Booz Allen vice president Maria Darby.  “As a result, our consultants will be able to choose and apply the most effective change-management theories with their practical applications, strategies, and frameworks to best serve the needs of each individual client.”