Client Profile
Rolls-Royce North America Inc., located in Reston, Virginia, provides management direction and corporate support for all Rolls-Royce businesses and operations in the region.  Employing more than 7,000 people at 66 locations across the US and Canada, the diversified aerospace and industrial engine company supports a wide range of customers in the region.  They include civil and military aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines, corporate and regional operators, public utilities, independent power producers, pipeline operators and on-and-off shore oil producers.

Client Goals
Rolls-Royce North America wished to elevate its North American operations to world-class level, and realign its business model to improve employee productivity, cut costs, and manage its supply chain more effectively.  The firm chose Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business to advance these goals by strengthening talent and transforming senior managers into “leaders of the future.”

Georgetown’s Custom Program for Rolls-Royce North America
Georgetown and Rolls-Royce created a residency program involving “Action Learning Projects” – the practical application of theoretical solutions to actual situations, issues and goals in the organization.   Specifically, we designed a program to 1) teach some of the softer skills of leadership, including team building, collaboration, and negotiations; and, 2) compete teams of participants to provide real-time, actionable solutions to a critical challenge facing Rolls-Royce.  Participants presented their ideas to senior executives of the company.  Curriculum was crafted around the main facets of leadership – strategic, organizational, and individual – to be specific to the client’s immediate and long-term needs.  Areas of focus included managing multi-nationally, effecting change to reduce operating expenses, and achieving functional excellence.

Participants in the Rolls-Royce program at Georgetown received a refresher and improvement course in business management and leadership, learned group problem-solving, and gained greater understanding of – and cohesion with – each other.  As James Guyette, President and CEO of Rolls-Royce North America stated, “As a global company, we wanted a strong international perspective, cross-cultural awareness and the very latest in leadership and management philosophy and practices.  Georgetown University McDonough School of Business provided all this and more.”