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Admissions and Application Details

Application Requirements

Application Deadlines

The EML Admissions Committee uses a holistic approach when making an admissions decision. Therefore, it is necessary to submit all application components so the Admissions Committee can make an informed decision about your application.

All interested EML candidates are encouraged to submit an application as early as possible and to review our detailed application instructions.

Round 1*
Deadline: October 1
Decision By: November 14

Round 2*
Deadline: November 15
Decision By: December 21

Round 3
Deadline: March 1
Decision By: April 14

Round 4
Deadline: April 15
Decision By: May 1

*Recommended deadlines for priority scholarship consideration.

Tuition and Financial Resources

Tuition Information

The Executive Master’s in Leadership tuition fee for the June 2020 intake is $77,088. The tuition fee includes tuition, specified meals during class weekends, parking during class weekends, accommodations at off-site and international residencies, international travel insurance, and course materials including e-books.

Tuition fees exclude individual health care or health insurance premiums, round-trip airfare to and from international project locations, visas, and incidental expenses while traveling.

Financial Aid

Georgetown University has resources to help students identify options for financing their education. U.S. citizens and permanent residents should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for information on financing.

Students eligible to receive educational benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs should contact the Georgetown University Veterans Office.


Georgetown McDonough offers scholarships for Executive Master’s in Leadership program students, based on eligibility. To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must include a scholarship essay with their applications. The Office of Executive Education notifies students of scholarship awards at the time of admission to the program.

Georgetown University reserves the right to modify the requirements for admission and/or graduation, the program curricula, tuition, fees, and other regulations affecting the student body.

Admissions Q&A

Assistant Dean Nita Swinsick is responsible for recruitment and admissions for Georgetown McDonough’s executive degree programs. Prior to joining Georgetown in 2015, Nita worked at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and as a recruitment consultant in the London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong investment banking sectors. She is from London and holds a B.A. in European politics from the University of Nottingham (UK) and an MBA from IE Business School (Spain).

Q: How long does the admissions process take?

A: We have a rolling admissions process, which means that we will review applications as they are submitted up until the final application deadline. You will generally hear back from us 1-3 weeks, after you submit your application (if everything is complete), as to whether or not you have been invited to the next phase of the admissions process (this is the interview). We will then take an additional 1-3 weeks to reach a final decision after the interview phase has been completed.

Q: Who should write my letters of recommendation?

A: We highly encourage that you identify and select individuals that currently or previously supervised you. If you are an entrepreneur, you can identify high-profile clients to write your recommendations. The recommenders you select should know you well enough to provide specific examples of your work quality, team dynamic, and leadership skills. We find that the best recommendations are those that are detailed and specific rather than vague and general.

Q: What should I write in my personal statement?

A: Your personal statement should be an introspective journey that is unique to you and to your motivations for wanting to complete a graduate program. It should not restate information that the Admissions Committee would already glean from other areas of your application. Take the time to reflect about your accomplishments and drive, and the unique perspective that you would be able to bring to the classroom.

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