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Master’s in Management Cohort

Over the course of this 10-month STEM designated program, MiM students will take all of their classes together. This dynamic learning experience emphasizes collaboration and forges strong bonds among peers, as well as between students and faculty. The incredible support system that you build at Georgetown will last well into your career.

Master of Science in Management 2019 Class Profile. Average Age 23, 45% Female, Average years of work experience is .5, 13% U.S. Diversity, undergraduate fields of study include 45% humanities/social sciences/Liberal Arts, 26% Business and Finance, 16% Economics, 10% STEM, 3% Other, Average GPA 3.4, Average GMAT 680, Mid 80% GMAT-Range is 630-720, Average GRE 314, 14 countries of citizenship represented including United States, Saudi Ariabia, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, India, France, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Italy, China, Chile, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, and 20 different languages spoken

Off-Campus Experiences

Located in one of the world’s biggest hubs for business, government, and international relations, students are awarded the opportunity of exposure to some of the most innovative companies Washington, D.C. has to offer. Site visits and meetings with senior leaders at these organizations are frequently interwoven into the Georgetown MiM curriculum to help students discover where the intersection of business and personal calling converge. Students also have access to alumni connections and networking events within these key organizations.


The program schedule is structured so that students interested in taking internships* at area institutions may do so.

Global Business Experience

As part of the spring semester offerings, students will partake in our signature Global Business Experience course where teams will work together in partnerships with executives from an international organization to tackle a real-life business challenge. Students will travel for one-week to the partnering organization’s location where they will deliver their business recommendations to senior leadership. This first hand experience will prepare students for work in the evolving space of global business practices and help them to further understand the nuances of competitive global markets.

*International students on F1 status cannot participate in off-campus internships.

Master’s in Management Career Resources

We offer dedicated career services that help you take charge of your career:

  • Coaching: Receive guidance from a talented, experienced, and attentive expert.
  • Curricula: Begin the program with a course focused on preparing for the job search. During the program, Fridays are dedicated to career development. Tailored workshops and tutorials will help you discover new paths, craft compelling resumes, and prepare for interviews and salary negotiations.
  • Networking: Gain exclusive access to Georgetown University’s alumni mentoring and networking platform. MiM students also can access career treks and events that are open to the entire McDonough community.
  • Opportunities: Search a dedicated online job board with the latest employment opportunities.

The Global Network

All MiM students have access to a diverse, distinguished network of 190,000 Georgetown University alumni from the business school as well as other programs.

Master’s In Management Brochure

Georgetown McDonough’s Master’s in Management program is designed to give you a competitive edge moving forward into your career. Check out our MiM brochure to further explore the program offerings.

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