Undergraduate Global Business Fellows

The Global Business Fellows Program is an innovative joint program between the McDonough School of Business and the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS). This program combines fundamental principles of business with required coursework in international affairs, economics, and languages. Such an interdisciplinary curriculum enables students to analyze and solve challenges that impact business and public policy on a global scale.

Program Design

Students from Georgetown McDonough and SFS are eligible to apply for admission to the Global Business Fellows Program in their sophomore year. The fellows program has three distinctive and inter-related elements: (1) Interdisciplinary Curriculum, (2) the Global Business Experience, and (3) Public Policy Programming. Fellows take a set of core courses in business, economics, and international affairs, as well as the Global Business Experience consulting course. In addition, students partake in co-curricular programming and professional development opportunities.

Global Business Fellows: Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Global Experience, Public Policy Programming

Program Requirements

Sophomores will be admitted by November during the fall semester and will start their coursework in January. This will enable students to work with their academic deans in their respective schools to enroll in the appropriate courses for their sophomore spring.

Application Process

The undergraduate program offices in each respective school administer their application process. The prerequisites for application to this program are below. 

  • One year of a foreign language or equivalent 
  • Sophomore standing with solid academic record
  • Written essay explaining motivation for joining Global Business Fellows Program

The Global Business Fellows Program will be designated on a student’s transcript. In addition, Fellows receive a certificate at graduation.

For more information about the Global Business Fellows program, please email Senior Assistant Dean​ Monija Amani or Associate Director Sara Skillman.