Undergraduate Global Business Programs

McDonough School of Business students interested in studying abroad should review these guidelines. All students will have two advisors: one at the Dean’s office who will approve your courses abroad, and one at the Office of Global Education who will facilitate the application process and provide you with expert guidance during your study abroad time. Georgetown University policies and procedures apply to all students studying abroad on Georgetown-administered, as well as Georgetown-affiliated (approved) programs. Applicants should be familiar with the policies upheld by the Office of Global Education, in conjunction with the McDonough School of Business.

Global Social Internship Program

The aim of the Global Social Internship Program is (a) to enable business students to develop transformative leadership skills related to non-profit and socially-focused enterprises while engaging in experiential learning activities for a period of 4-5 weeks with partner organizations abroad; (b) to provides business students an opportunity to develop global acumen; and (c) to allow students to develop the intercultural communication skills needed to become successful business leaders.

Global Business Fellows Program

The Global Business Fellows Program is an innovative joint program between the McDonough School of Business and the Walsh School of Foreign Service. This program combines fundamental principles of business with required coursework in international affairs, economics, and languages. Such an interdisciplinary curriculum enables students to analyze and solve challenges that impact business and public policy on a global scale.


For Study Abroad Locations in Spain: Please contact Monija Amani, senior assistant dean, at monija.amani@georgetown.eduor schedule an appointment here. For All other Locations: Please contact Sara Skillman, associate director, at sara.skillman@georgetown.edu or schedule an appointment here.

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