McDonough Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Each summer, the McDonough Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF) offers students the opportunity to apply for a grant to conduct research with a Georgetown McDonough professor. Those receiving the grant are awarded either $2,500 for a five-week research project or $5,000 for a 10-week research project to be completed during the summer. Students connect with faculty members to investigate topics as varied and complex as determining what influences one’s career choices to understanding why people fail to appropriately change their behavior after near-catastrophic events.

Participating in the SURF Program is a unique way for students to do research on a topic of interest. By working one-on-one with a faculty advisor, students learn how to use the research process to inform a real problem.

Upon completion of the research project, students present their findings at the McDonough Undergraduate Research Symposium and are prepared to submit their projects to scholarly journals. Please contact Daniela Brancaforte if you have questions.

2018 Research Projects

Each student prepares a poster and paper of their research findings at the conclusion of the summer. Both are linked below.

2017 Research Projects