The Executive MBA curriculum broadens the global reach of students through international residencies while also leveraging the school's proximity to leading global business and policy organizations located in Washington.


All students enrolled in Georgetown’s Executive MBA Program complete four integrative projects, or residencies, in addition to their core and elective coursework. Residencies include team-based experiences that immerse students in simulated and real-world business environments to gain practical experience.

  • Under the supervision and coaching of our faculty, residencies are designed to encourage:
  • Understanding of how management strategies can be applied to a chosen field;
  • Exposure to real-world business problems provided by an actual client company;
  • Case competitions during which students present their recommendations to faculty and company executives;
  • Self-assessment and peer-assessment of leadership strengths and areas for development; and
  • Interaction with a number of high-ranking corporate and government leaders.

These in-depth programs allow students to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to live cases and real-world issues, thereby creating agile leaders capable of taking their organizations to the next level. These residencies showcase our proven strength in international business and our unique location in the world’s capital. 

Georgetown Means Business
The opening residency provides an introduction to the program with an in-depth live case experience focused on a specific industry, such as the wireless services industry. A high-level view of finance, marketing, strategy, and other fundamental business areas is applied to global companies facing real challenges in today’s competitive international marketplace. In addition, the residency helps to build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among members of the cohort.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Business Planning
This residency allows students to practice the art of creating and pitching a business plan for an entrepreneurial initiative. With coaching from a faculty advisor, teams of students develop an idea for a new business or a new venture within an existing business. The experience culminates in a Business Plan Competition, during which teams deliver presentations to a panel of judges including successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and faculty.

Globalization: Challenges Facing the Firm – International Consulting Project
In this signature experience at the McDonough School of Business, student consulting teams work together to solve a pressing business problem facing foreign organizations or Fortune 500 companies with operations overseas. At the end of the course, the cohort travels abroad to the clients’ facilities to complete their projects and present recommendations to senior leadership of the companies and organizations. Recent global residency locations have included: Dubai/UAE; Istanbul, Turkey; New Delhi, India; and Shanghai, China.

Globalization:  Country, Industry, and Firm – A Capstone Experience
Incorporating all of the components of the program, student teams  study focused on the impact of globalization on a particular country/region, industry, and firm abroad.  With the guidance of a faculty advisor, each team conducts an international field visit for research and makes a final presentation of findings to the Georgetown community. This capstone experience integrates the academic and practical nature of the program.