Why EML?

Graduates of the Executive Master’s in Leadership (EML) program are poised to set the bar higher and inspire those in their ecosystem to achieve more. What makes our program unique?

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A Cutting-edge Program

The EML program employs a diverse set of delivery mechanisms, which combined teach students the art and science of effective decision-making, with an emphasis on how to think versus what to think. Our degree program combines 12 core courses, three residencies — where you bring together everything that you’ve learned into real-life deliverables — and personal coaching designed to give you heightened self-awareness, because a leader who is not self-aware will quickly fail. It is the synthesis of book learning with experiential learning that enables our graduates to achieve their goals and improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

Evidence-based Knowledge

Leaders operate in a world of facts with significant random error. In this reality, effective decision-making requires greater science fluency to detect good facts from facts that are rooted in poor research. The EML program teaches scientifically informed leadership principles and practices, giving our students the necessary skills to separate good data from bad data to be effective decision-makers.

Principled Leadership

Research has found that in today’s uncertain and complex environment, the most effective leaders are principled leaders who are consistent over time. The concept of principled leadership, a flagship component of the McDonough School of Business, serves as the cornerstone of EML’s leadership philosophy. Through our program, students learn how to to apply ethically based decision-making frameworks that enhance their business and broader society.

The Cohort Experience

Our EML follows a lock-step cohort format, which means that significant learning is also achieved through cohort interaction. Students come from many disciplines and backgrounds: government, military, private sector, Fortune 500, nonprofit, and higher education. This diversity adds to the academic and student experience as well as to our students’ networks.

Lifelong Learning Program (LLP)

At Georgetown McDonough, we believe that leaders never graduate. This thinking has inspired the creation of our Lifelong Learning Program (LLP), which supports the professional and personal growth of our alumni forever. Through this program, EML alumni are able to return to the classroom and audit up to one elective course per year offered with our Executive MBA program. This unique Georgetown offering enables EML alumni to refresh their knowledge, reconnect with classmates and faculty, and expand their networks with students and alumni from McDonough’s other executive degree programs.

Contact Our Executive Education Team

Join us for an upcoming admissions event or fill out the request information form below so we can reach you at your convenience. You also can reach us at emlprogram@georgetown.edu or at +1 (202) 687-4055.