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Student consulting teams travel abroad to solve a pressing business problem facing companies with operations overseas. Past clients include: Boeing, IBM, Infosys, FedEx, MasterCard, Philips, Samsung, Turkish Airlines, Vodafone, and the World Bank.

What students say about their experience

During our South Korean residency, I worked with my team to prepare an omnichannel strategy for a global retail firm’s South Korean headquarters. I loved every minute of the preparation, realizing that I had an interest in working with retail and technology. The presentation went exceptionally well and our work helped inform their business case. Looking back now, I think this experience was probably the single greatest catalyst to me making the move to my current company, Optoro, where we use technology to make retail more sustainable by eliminating all waste from returns.

Nathan Ruiz, EMBA’16

My group worked on a U.S. market entry strategy for a Turkish hosiery and lingerie company. We spent months researching and putting together a plan. As part of our residency, we traveled to Istanbul and presented our plan to their CEO and senior management. To get that real-life, hands-on experience was challenging and exhilarating at the same time.

Zehra Zaidi, EMBA’14

During our first year as EMBA students, we had the opportunity to go to South Korea to consult with a company of our choosing – our options spanned the gamut of industries from health care to retail sales and company size, from global organizations to local. Our team chose to take a deep dive into the future of Philips’ health care initiatives. It was exhilarating to learn about a new industry and how our team’s recommendations can help shape the company’s digital health care strategy for years to come.

Micah Marie Chi, EMBA’17

The project’s objective was to help the Korea office of a medical device company, Medtronic, in determining the viability of introducing home hemodialysis (HHD) into South Korean homes. The impact on me was way beyond an academic exercise. Even though I work in health care, I had never ventured into the world of medical devices and certainly had not looked at the penetration of health markets on a global scale. This project gave me an expanded view of my own industry and a greater appreciation of global markets and their interconnectivity.

Mdolole Steven Moyo, EMBA’18

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