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Global Business Experience – International Consulting Projects

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As a leader in global business education, Georgetown McDonough seeks to provide all students the opportunity to travel abroad to consult either within an industry or with specific Fortune 500 companies. The program is required of all graduate students and is an elective for undergraduates.


"Many classes explore the possibility of offering advice to corporations abroad, but the Global Business Experience class offers a higher level of learning that
can only be reached when formulating and presenting your consultation to company executives."
William Dean
(B '16)

"My consulting project for 3M in Peru sharpened my skills in market research and segmentation analysis. I also connected with influential South American Executives who helped me advance my career."
Marcela Giraldo
(Full-time MBA '15)

"The most important fact my project has taught me is that an understanding of a countries cultural attitudes and historical background will unlock the mysteries of business in that country. This will help guide me in choices I make in the coming years as I do business in India, Iran and China."
Alidad Arabshahi
(EMBA '16)


Working in small teams, students partner with executives from multinational organizations to address complex business challenges. Prior to the trips, students collaborate remotely for several months. Then, they spend one week in the client’s country to present their final recommendations to the organization’s leadership. Full-time MBA students take the trip during the spring semester, and evening program students travel during the summer.


"Over the more than six months that we worked on the project, we were in regular communication with our host company in Seoul. Our hard work was validated when  senior executives endorsed our findings and suggested that our recommendations would be incorporated into their Korean business plan."
Caroline Decker
(EMBA '16)

"Like in any country, doing business in India requires an understanding of its unique culture and society. The valuable experience gained from a week of living and working in Mumbai helped our team to deliver even more value to our client."
Jeffrey Heo
(Full-time MBA '15)

"My project with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts was truly a transformative experience. It was exciting to work on a global brand and travel to
Hong Kong, and it also provided a real-world opportunity to learn about the Chinese consumer market."
Amanda Bagwill
(Evening MBA '15)


In 2016, Georgetown McDonough’s Global Business Experience sent our students to four continents to consult on 108 projects in various areas, including market entry, market development, communications, innovation strategy, competitive strategy, and global growth strategy.

Full-Time MBA:
  Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Spain, United Arab Emirates - 48 projects

Evening Program MBA:
  China, Italy, Peru - 25 projects

Executive MBA:
  South Korea - 7 projects

Executive Master’s in Leadership:
  South Africa - 7 projects

Master of Science in Finance:
  South Africa - 10 projects

Undergraduate Program:
  France and Spain - 11 projects


In the last 15 years, student teams have traveled to Prague, Rome, Buenos Aires, Lima, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Beijing, Delhi, and Cape Town, among many other cities, working for clients ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to global enterprises, from public- to private-sector institutions, and from local to international corporations.

The experience doesn’t end with the trip abroad. After returning to campus, students collaborate to create a picture of how industries operate around the world. The students share their projects with their peers during a Global Business Conference.