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The GBI Student Experience

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In addition to client and company visits, the Global Business Experience provides Georgetown McDonough students an opportunity to obtain a better local understanding through cultural events and visits to different locations in the host city. It is also a unique opportunity for students to build relationships with their classmates.

As part of their Global Business Experience the MBA class of 2016 traveled to the global cities below. Learn more of the Global Business Experience in each of the locations by clicking on the images.


City: Bologna
Country: Italy
Program: Evening MBA
# of students: 40
Pictured: Gelato factory
Sample companies: Lamborghini, Electrolux, Dallara and Piquadro

City: Shanghai
Country: China
Program: Evening MBA
# of students: 42
Pictured: Bao Steels Works
Sample companies: Starwood Hotels, LDC, Ba Dai Tou and Nokia

City: Lima
Country: Peru
Program: Evening MBA
# of students: 41
Pictured: Spanish church
Sample companies: L'Oreal, Dell, Cabify and Pulso Salud



Cities: Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Country: UAE
Program: Full time MBA
# of students: 42
Pictured: Grand Mosque
Sample companies: Embraer, Mubadala, Aldar and Booz Allen

City: Hong Kong
Country: China
Program: Full time MBA
# of students: 47
Pictured: Big Buddha
Sample companies: Cohen & Steers, SouFun and Wuxi Meikai Energy

City: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Program: Full time MBA
# of students: 47
Pictured: Cristo Redentor
Sample companies: Citibank, Clinique, Havaianas and Talquimy



Cities: Barcelona and Madrid
Country: Spain
Program: Full time MBA
# of students: 92
Pictured: Danone factory
Sample companies: Desigual, Kantox, Deloitte and Banco Sabadell

City: Mumbai
Country: India
Program: Full time MBA
# of students: 31
Pictured: Team Estée Lauder
Sample companies: Mahindra and Mahindra, Axis Bank, Estée Lauder and HFFC

Cities: Barcelona and Lille
Countries: Spain and France
Program: Undergraduate Program
# of students: 51
Pictured: Phildar company
Sample companies: Starbucks, Decathlon, Nestlé and Lindt



City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
Program: Executive MBA
# of students: 48
Pictured: Team Axa
Sample companies: Boeing, Costco, Eukor and Phillips

City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Program: Master of Science in Finance
# of students: 44
Pictured: Team Barclays Africa
Sample companies: Barclays, Biscotti, Musa Capital and Standard Bank

Cities: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Program: Executive Master's in Leadership
# of students: 27
Pictured: Robben Island
Sample companies: Raymond Ackerman Academy, Mthente and ZimSunrise