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Accounting and Business Law

Accounting and Business Law Faculty


The accounting faculty is dedicated to providing a transformational educational experience to each of our students. We do this by helping our students learn more than how to generate financial information in accordance with current standards and procedures. 

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The accounting and business law faculty publish in top research publications, and organize and present at seminars, conferences, and workshops.

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The accounting faculty teach analytical skills necessary for business success.

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Faculty in the News

Personal networks facilitate the accumulation and diffusion of information among members of the network. An executive or director who has a personal network filled with ‘the right’ people can be a source of important information. Access to this information might help the executive make better decisions, learn improved management practices, and cultivate business relationships. As one example of the value of personal networks, a recent study suggests that CEOs with larger personal networks earn more than CEOs with smaller networks, and a single new connection to a prominent business leader increases the CEO’s pay by about $17,000.

– Jason Schloetzer, Forbes

Read news about the accounting and business law faculty’s research or thought leadership on global business.

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  • ~Georgetown McDonough School of Business Faculty-Led Research Centers ~

    The research entities at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business leverage their location in Washington, D.C., to study the intersection of business and public policy, international affairs, financial markets and policy, and markets and ethics. Georgetown McDonough faculty members excel at solving critical business issues and defining best practices across a range of industries that will transform the world of business.


    Georgetown University's McDonough Business School offers world-class executive degrees, including the Executive MBA, Executive Master’s in Leadership, the Georgetown-ESADE Global Executive MBA, Corporate International Master’s and the Master of Science in Finance. Curricula focus on business, leadership and strategy from a global perspective. Georgetown McDonough executive degree programs help shape world leaders, who benefit from a distinguished educational experience at one of the world’s top business schools.

  • ~About Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business ~

    Founded in 1957, Georgetown McDonough is home to some 1,400 undergraduates, 1,000 MBA students, and 1,200 participants in executive degree and open enrollment programs.

  • ~MBA Career Center ~

    The MBA Career Center offers a variety of career services to current MBA students and alumni. They provide students career guidance through career courses, career counseling, and hosting recruiting on campus, ultimately resulting in students securing the MBA internships and job placements they are seeking. Whether entering business school to learn how to change jobs, to advance within a particular industry, or to become an entrepreneur, Georgetown MBA students are prepared to achieve their career goals.