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Research Centers and Initiatives

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Georgetown McDonough is home to 10 faculty-led centers and initiatives. Whether generating research, advising policy makers, convening industry leaders, or providing real-world learning labs for students, these programs support the school's themes of principled leadership, global mindset, service to business and society, and excellence in research to impact practice.

  • Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative

    The Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative serves as an academic catalyst both locally and globally in addressing the intersection of business with government and society in the 21st century.

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  • Center for Business and Public Policy

    The Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy is an academic, non-partisan research center with a mission to engage scholars, business people, and policymakers in relevant inquiries and dialogue to impact key business, economic, and public policy issues confronting American and international businesses today. Housed at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, the Georgetown Center was created in 2002 to encourage thoughtful discussion and to document and disseminate knowledge on a range of issues in the public interest.

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  • Center for Financial Markets and Policy

    Housed at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, the Center for Financial Markets and Policy sponsors original research, provides thoughtful commentary, and hosts dialogues and conferences involving scholars and practitioners on key financial market issues. Through these activities, the center enriches the intellectual life of the University and the Washington-based policy community, and contributes to an informed public discussion regarding critical financial market debates.

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  • Entrepreneurship Initiative

    Georgetown’s Entrepreneurship Initiative encourages creative thinking and activity, teaches valuable lessons learned from current and past entrepreneurs, connects a variety of individuals and organizations, and leads to new ventures and knowledge. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum on entrepreneurial topics, students learn beyond the classroom through business plan competitions, pitch sessions, and other extracurricular activities.

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  • Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research

    The Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research develops innovative, ground-breaking research to illuminate the challenges and opportunities of understanding and marketing to consumers. Combining the academic expertise at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business and a deep understanding of the marketplace, the institute seeks to impact business practice and improve consumer decision-making.

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  • Global Business Initiative

    The Global Business Initiative at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business centralizes the leadership and support for increasing the quality and depth of the school’s international offerings. The initiative ensures that the global mission of Georgetown McDonough is evident throughout all aspects of the student experience – from the undergraduate to MBA to executive education programs. The initiative enhances Georgetown McDonough's global focus through curriculum and research activities, alliances with international universities and organizations, and coordination of existing efforts spread across various research centers at the school.

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  • Global Social Enterprise Initiative

    The Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business aims to prepare current and future leaders to make responsible management decisions that yield both economic and social value. Through practical training for global business leaders, the initiative advocates for transformative solutions to the world’s significant challenges in health and well-being, economic growth, the environment, and international development.

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  • Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics

    The Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics brings together the finest scholars and best teachers from different fields to advance understanding of the ethical issues inherent in the functioning of the market society. The institute’s comprehensive approach to the study of markets and ethics extends beyond the exploration of ethical questions related to business people functioning in the organizational setting to include issues surrounding law and law enforcement policy and the pressures of conducting business in a political environment with rules that are subject to change.

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  • Steers Center for Global Real Estate

    The Georgetown McDonough Steers Center for Global Real Estate prepares students through industry-grade training that will be competitive in the global real estate job market. Execution of this mission occurs through a highly applied educational agenda that fully employs the Washington, D.C., real estate laboratory as well as Georgetown University’s reputation as a global institution.

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  • Women's Leadership Institute

    By promoting the development and advancement of women leaders, Georgetown University’s Women’s Leadership Institute contributes to the social and economic progression of women across the world. Ongoing programs include forums for dialogue, skill-building workshops, and support networks to address the intellectual and practical needs of women leaders.

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