Finance Faculty

The Finance Area faculty include renowned scholars who are experts in their field, as well as practitioners with real-world experience in the financial industry. Our faculty conducts research on a range of topics, from IPOs to personal wealth management.

Tenure-Track Faculty

Rena Aggrawal

Reena Aggarwal
Vice Provost for Faculty; Professor of Finance; Director, Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy

James J. Angel
Associate Professor

Jennie Bai
Associate Professor

Turan Bali
Professor; Robert S. Parker Chair of Business Administration

James Bodurtha
Associate Professor

George Comer
Associate Professor

Sandeep Dahiya
Akkaway Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Allan C. Eberhart
Professor; Director, Master of Science in Finance; Senior Associate Dean for Technology-Intensive Education

R. David McLean
William G. Droms Professor, Finance Area Coordinator

Vladimir Mukharlyamov
Assistant Professor

Lee F. Pinkowitz
Associate Professor

Alberto Rossi
Associate Professor

Katherine Waldock
Assistant Professor

David A. Walker
John A Largay Professor

Quan Wen
Assistant Professor

Rohan G. Williamson
Professor; Bolton Sullivan/Thomas A. Dean Chair in International Business Studies

Xiaofei Zhao
Assistant Professor

William Droms
Emeritus Professor

Teaching Faculty

David Allen Ammerman
Assistant Teaching Professor; Director of Academic Operations, Master of Science in Finance

Michael S. Cichello
Teaching Professor

Matthew L. Cypher
Atara Kaufman Term Professor of the Practice; Director, Steers Center for Global Real Estate

Lynn Lanz Doran
Teaching Professor

James Reid
Robert Lauren Steers Chair in real Estate and Executive in residence

Michael K. Barry
Adjunct Professor

Anne Dias
Adjunct Professor

George Ferris 
Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey Foster
Adjunct Professor

David Granson
Adjunct Professor

Arun Gupta 
Adjunct Professor

Vladimir Ivanov
Adjunct Professor

Craig O’Connor
Adjunct Professor

Andres Vinelli
Adjunct Professor

Jay O. Wright
Adjunct Professor