The Finance Area equips students with the skills to become globally oriented, financially sophisticated, and ethically minded in their use of finance to address complex global challenges. Through research and scholarship, the faculty studies the functioning of the global financial system to shape the responsible transformation of financial practice and global business. The finance faculty conducts research on a range of topics, from IPOs to personal wealth management.

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News From Finance
  • MSF Students at work
    New Undergraduate, MBA Classes Focus on Data

    The electives explore ways to incorporate and analyze data in business decisions, an increasingly crucial skill set in today's job market.

  • Georgetown Campus
    Thirteen Faculty Join McDonough in 2018-2019

    Georgetown McDonough welcomed new tenured and tenure-track faculty members, as well as visiting faculty members, teaching professors, lecturers, and faculty fellows, in the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • Financial Times logo
    Hands-on trading experience helps graduates find investment jobs

    Jonathan Levi, 29, an MSc in finance student at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington DC, is co-founding a hedge fund with a school alumnus who has pledged $4m, he says. They were inspired after winning an award in the 2018 Peeptrade University Challenge, a trading simulation contest for business school students. Their team turned a $1m portfolio of stocks, options and ETFs into $383bn over eight weeks, which was a global record in paper trading returns.

  • Marketplace logo
    U.S. tariffs boost trade tensions and protectionist theory

    “The political system in China is, of course, much different,” said Pietra Rivoli, who teaches finance and international business at Georgetown. “There isn’t the pressure on the election system, obviously. Chinese policymakers can take a longer view.” Whereas in the United States, Rivoli said older industries struggling in the world receive political attention.