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Undergraduate Global Social Internships

Global Social Internship group

Program Goals

The Global Social Internship Program (GSIP) enables business students to develop transformative leadership skills related to nonprofit and socially focused enterprises. Engaging in experiential learning activities for a period of 4-5 weeks with partner organizations abroad, students develop global acumen and the intercultural communication skills needed to become successful business leaders. 

Program History

Georgetown McDonough launched the Global Social Internship Program in 2013. The McDonough School of Business is proud to be a partner with the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University. Students are also encouraged to seek out similar global internships that align with their academic and professional goals and receive approval through the Undergraduate Dean’s Office. Students who participate in global social internships that are approved through the Undergraduate Dean’s Office will be awarded a stipend.

Academic Integration

Engagement in global internships allows students to develop and expand intercultural perspectives, improve language skills, and enhance their understanding of business development through the lens of a nonprofit organization and applying their fundamental business knowledge to practice. Students may elect to register for an internship course and receive 1-3 academic credits for their experience. After completing the internship, students are asked to reflect on their experiences through a capstone project. 

Co-curricular Activities

Students who participate in internships offered through the Fabretto Foundation and the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation are expected to participate in leadership training activities prior to their departure.

Financial Assistance

Students applying to the GSIP may be eligible to receive a stipend.

Security Protocols

All students traveling abroad are required to complete the safety and security protocols through the Office of Global Services.

Eligibility Criteria

Program Contact

For information about the GSIP, please contact Monija Amani, senior assistant dean at