International Private Lenders

Additional Funding

For those who do not receive a merit-based scholarship or who need additional funding, we are pleased to present a list of external international scholarships and private lenders who provide education loans specifically to international students. This is not a recommended or preferred lender list. This is simply a list of international resources that has been collected based on available public information, for your convenience. The list may not be exhaustive, so we recommend you also explore additional loan options that may be available through other resources.

Students have the right and ability to select the lender of their choice and are not required to use any of the resources on this list. Students considering a private education loan program should carefully consider the terms and conditions of the loan. Individual lenders will, at their discretion, evaluate credit history.

Georgetown University does not endorse, recommend, monitor, or otherwise take responsibility for the products or services offered by any organization listed on the external scholarship and private lender’s list.