Career Course

In addition to being committed to providing our MBA candidates the very best education, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business goes to great lengths to ensure our career candidates are prepared, polished, and poised for their job interviews. Because the best result comes from superb preparedness and a sound strategy, the MBA Career Center has developed three career development courses. These courses are designed to equip students with the tools to navigate career advancement and optimize job searches. Through the interactive career modules, students identify their unique value proposition and network-building opportunities. Our career courses guide students through a set of career marketing materials, providing the right foundation for career coach and employer interactions. We offer the following three courses:

Job Search Course
Career progression into management and executive levels requires advanced career management technique. Building a productive referral network requires a command of your value proposition, a keen understanding of your audience, and a suite of effective communication material. Toward these ends this course follows the 7-Phase Career Development Strategy and is presented in 13 modules that provide essential frameworks, industry and function-specific content, and practice opportunities.
Promotions Course
Our Promotions Course is ideal for those professionals who are well employed and ready to take their career to the next level with their current employers. Internal candidacy requires a nuanced understanding of your fit within the organization and the organization's competitive standing within the industry. The promotions course is offered in a convenient Saturday workshop format which takes you through: self-understanding, brand awareness and messaging, promotions conversations, and winning the offer.
Global Executive Presence Course
Completing your MBA provides a perfect opportunity to refresh your executive brand and appropriately elevate your executive profile. In a strategic six-module sequence, this course accompanies our GEMBA cohorts around the world. Because it’s offered in a webinar format, it provides the opportunity for executives across programs to participate in global executive conversations while building powerful career portfolios.
Further refinement of your career decisions is supported by membership in profession-based student organizations, one-on-one career coaching with peer advisors and Georgetown MBA Career Center staff, informational conversations with alumni, association with faculty, and engagement with visiting business leaders.