Global Careers

Worldwide, the increasing demand for the ability to effectively navigate the intricacies of the world marketplace – including strong leadership, well-honed skills, cultural awareness, and multi-language proficiency – creates unique and powerful opportunities. Georgetown’s MBA Career Center understands that as the workforce continues to blur national borders, there is a mounting importance to prepare individuals for leadership positions within companies with global ambitions to influence the world market.

The journey to your global career will rely upon appropriate research and your involvement. Conducting global learning treks and attending career conferences focused on global themes – including global health care, mergers and acquisitions, and/or capital markets – and understanding the role globalization plays in shaping business decisions, industry evolution, and international economic performance, will be of utmost importance.
If global business is your desire, we are adept at positioning you best in this large and growing universe by providing:
  • Access to global business experts;
  • Hands-on global business experience; and
  • Opportunities to bolster classroom learning with exploration of the global business issues of interest to you.