Hire an MBA

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Employers have the opportunity to source talent from our pool of more than 1,000 MBA students. The McDonough CareerView recruiting database is your one-stop shop for accessing our talent. Georgetown’s MBA Career Center offers multiple options for top MBA employers seeking to recruit top-tier MBA candidates and alumni, providing opportunities for both on-campus and virtual recruiting. For guidelines and key dates associated with our MBA recruiting practices, please see our Recruiters’ Guide (new window), our Full-time MBA Employer Offer Guidelines (new window), and the Academic and Recruiting Calendar. (new window)

Engaging with the MBA Career Center and Our MBAs

Our dedicated team is organized across 14 industries to help you leverage your brand among key student audiences. We offer a number of opportunities for on-campus engagement including information sessions, networking events, case competitions, workshops, and other MBA events.

In this global marketplace, we understand you want to access the best MBA candidates. Georgetown makes it easy to connect with current MBA students and alumni using the McDonough CareerView. CareerView allows you to:

  • Post job listings
  • Receive job applications
  • Manage candidate selections
  • Request an on-campus interview schedule

Resume book

Current MBA class resume books are available via CareerView. For a customized resume book, please email us. For guidelines and key dates associated with our MBA recruiting practices, please see our Recruiters Guide, our Full-time MBA Employer Offer Guidelines, and the Academic and Recruiting Calendar.


Just-In-Time Hiring

The MBA Career Center serves all MBA program students including our Evening/Flex MBAs, Executive MBAs, and Full-time MBAs. We offer the flexibility for your organization to recruit the type of talent you seek in a timeline that fits your needs. To target students from a specific MBA program, please contact our team at least one month prior to the desired application deadline. To get started with posting a “just-in-time” hiring opportunity, please visit our recruiting database, CareerView.


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Interviewing Students

Annually, the MBA Career Center facilitates more than 1,000 on-campus interviews. To maximize candidate engagement with your on-campus hiring, we recommend contacting our team at least one month prior to your desired interview date. We also provide interviewing capabilities that allow you to access our top MBA talent in a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient format. To request an on-campus interview schedule, visit CareerView (new window). On-campus interviewing enables:

  1. Interview schedules to be created and managed through CareerView
  2. Simplified candidate selections and automated candidate notifications
  3. Recruiters to conduct interviews among our 11 private interview rooms, each equipped with wireless access