Direct Expenses
  Indirect Expenses (2018-2019)3  
Tuition(21 credit hours at $1,930 per credit) $40,530 Average Living Allowance $27,992
Graduate Student Organization Fee
$32 Average Books $1,440
Georgetown University Health Insurance (can be waived)5 $2,950 Average Travel $3,266
SUBTOTAL $43,512 Federal Direct Loan Fees $2,580
    SUBTOTAL $35,278
    TOTAL cost per year $78,790

1Cost is based on normative student schedules and 2018-2019 rates, which are subject to change. 

2Direct expenses are charges that a student will incur on their billing statement from the Office of Billing and Payment Services. Students are also charged a one-time Transcript fee of $100.

3Indirect expenses are averages of other associated costs that a student may incur for their education.

4Tuition is billed in three semester installments, based upon the number of credits taken per semester. 

5A Georgetown University Health Insurance charge is assessed when a student registers for 8+ credit hours. It can be waived if the student is covered under other Health Insurance Plan. The health insurance line item is an estimate and will be confirmed in late spring 2017.

For more detailed information about tuition and billing, please call Georgetown University's Office of Billing and Payment Services at (202) 687-7100.