Opening Residency: Georgetown Means Business 

This introduction to the program provides an in-depth live case experience, focused on a specific industry. Students apply a high-level view of finance, marketing, strategy, and other fundamental business areas to global companies facing real challenges in today’s competitive international marketplace.

Business Planning Residency: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This residency provides a real-world, hands-on learning experience of what it is like to start a company. In this practical class, students focus on how to identify a viable business model and are required to get out of the classroom to talk to actual prospective customers, partners, and competitors. Applying methodologies, such as business model generation and customer discovery, students test their own startup business ideas. The residency ends with student teams presenting their findings to a panel of judges, including entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and faculty.  

International Residency: Globalization -- Challenges Facing the Firm

In this signature Georgetown McDonough experience, student consulting teams work together to solve a pressing business problem facing non-U.S. organizations and Fortune 500 companies with operations overseas. At the end of the course, the cohort travels abroad to the client’s facilities to present recommendations to senior leadership.

Past clients include: Philips South Korea, GS Energy Corp South Korea, Samsung South Korea, Mastercard Turkey, Vodafone Turkey, and Turkish Airlines.

Global Capstone Residency: Issues for Industries Worldwide

Incorporating all components of the program, student teams study the impact of globalization at the country and industry levels. With the guidance of a faculty advisor, they travel the world to conduct field research on a particular country/region and industry and implement a real-world consultancy project. To complete the residency, students highlight their research in a final project presentation to a panel of country/region and industry experts, as well as the Georgetown community.

Past projects include a consumer goods marketing project focused on China; an operations and logistics project looking at Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dubai; and a financial services and bank management and regulation project examining Barcelona, Madrid, and Frankfurt.

Georgetown University's EMBA program is certified to operate by SCHEV.