Overview: MBA Certificate in Consumer Analytics and Insights

The need for managers who understand how to leverage consumer data to make strategic decisions is well-documented.

“A Gartner survey revealed that 73 percent of organizations have invested or plan to invest in big data in the next two years. With this demand for data analytics comes a demand for the expertise to handle the data.”

“Many organizations focus on the need for data scientists, assuming their presence alone will enable an analytics transformation. But another equally vital role is that of the business translator who serves as the link between analytical talent and practical applications to business questions…We estimate there could be demand for approximately two million to four million business translators in the United States alone over the next decade.”

McKinsey & Co., December 2016

The Certificate at a Glance

Students who earn the MBA Certificate in Consumer Analytics and Insights will be prepared to:

  • Frame business problems in terms of consumers’ behaviors and decisions;
  • Identify appropriate sources of data to examine how organizations’ actions affect relevant consumer decisions;
  • Develop an understanding of relevant methods to select for data analysis;
  • Identify and conduct the appropriate analyses to address the business problem using both consumer-level data and/or aggregate data sources; and
  • Provide recommendations to address the business problem, supported by data and analyses, including developing decision support tools.

Through a series of courses, hands-on consumer analytics projects, and events allowing them to engage with experts, students will learn how to manage consumer analytics projects and translate the results into strategic insights. These events will include invitation-only speaker events, and other events on campus, as well as events hosted by federal agencies and D.C.-based firms and organizations.  

Upon graduation from the MBA Program, students will receive a notation on their official university transcript along with a certificate of completion.