Coursework: Certificate in Nonmarket Strategy

Certificate Coursework

A 12‐credit sequence of integrated MBA coursework (7.5 overlapping MBA elective credits and 4.5 overlapping MBA core credits) reinforces understanding of the business challenges and opportunities in the nonmarket environment from the perspective of the firm.

Certificate Elective Requirements:  4.5 elective credits

  • The Miracle of Markets? (STRT 556) focuses on the potential for and perils of markets as a mechanism to allocate society’s resources. Among the myriad critical questions addressed are: Are markets the “miracle” to push economic well‐being forward or are they sowing the seeds of society’s demise? Under what conditions do markets work well, and under what conditions might they fail? When they fail, what mechanisms exist either within markets or externally to correct resource distortions of markets? Students seek understanding of these fundamental questions about markets through a survey of economic thought, grappling with classic theories and systems from laissez faire to Malthusian theory to the tragedy of the commons to the problem of social cost, along with market characteristics and imperfections including information asymmetry, externalities, monopolies and antitrust, price fixing, and innovation and entrepreneurship. (1.5 credits)
    Professor Whitener
  • Strategies Beyond the Market (STRT 557) focuses on firms’ strategies to compete successfully in imperfect markets. The course explores the connections between market imperfections and non-market strategy, and the variety of specific non-market factors firms need to consider.  Topics include regulatory structures, political forces, corporate social responsibility pressures, environmental concerns, and the relevance of the media.  In addition to providing tools to understand these factors, the course documents the strategies firms employ to successfully overcome both potential and real challenges as well as take advantage of valuable growth opportunity. (1.5 credits)
    Professor Macher
  • Washington, Business, and the World (STRT 555) explores the nonmarket environment in practice and blends classroom instruction with attendance at “only in DC” events with opportunities for students to encounter business leaders, government officials, policymakers, and leaders of industry alliances. (three semesters, 1.5 total credits) 
    Professors Mayo and Mintz

Certificate Elective Choice: 3 elective credits

  • Selections from a list of MBA elective courses designated for certificate study (off-list courses including non-MBA courses with advance approval)

MBA Core Overlap: 4.5 core credits

  • Structure of Global Industry (BADM 550) 
  • Business and Policy in a Global Economy (STRT 560)