Student Organizations

There are many options to enrich student life at Georgetown University. Students in Georgetown’s Full-time MBA Program are encouraged to supplement their coursework with extracurricular activities that build relationships between fellow students, faculty, and the community.

Student organizations are the backbone of campus life. Ranging from professionally minded clubs to student interest associations, student organizations spearhead activities and events including guest speakers, industry days, career treks, and social events.

Student organizations active at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business include:

Student Government Association

The MBA Student Government Association (SGA) serves the student body of Georgetown’s MBA Program. In this capacity, the SGA is the primary interface between the student body and the faculty and administration. The SGA also plans social events and boosts alumni relations. The group exists to make students’ time at the McDonough School of Business as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

The SGA ultimately is responsible for major student organization decisions, management of finances, and implementation of new and existing policies or initiatives. One of the most popular and well-known functions of the SGA is social event planning. The vice president for social activities plans all major social events both on and off campus. These events include the Thursday kegs, outings to local sporting events, and fall and spring formals. In addition to the executive officers, first-year cohort representatives are elected in the fall. They are responsible for the leadership of their respective cohorts and represent the cohorts in various administrative settings.

Asia Business Consortium

The Asia Business Consortium was developed to link the Georgetown MBA Program and the Asian business world. The club assists students with job and internship opportunities, promotes the Georgetown University and McDonough School of Business brands in Asia, further develops the Georgetown MBA-Asia alumni network, and brings Asian culture to the Georgetown MBA community through the sponsorship of different events.

Beer Appreciation Society

Exploring an interest in beer, the craft of brewing, and the brewing industry. The Beer Appreciation Society will offer knowledge of different types of beer and their significance, with an emphasis on sharing craft brewed beer. The organization will also provide valuable networking opportunities with students, staff, and administration within the McDonough School of Business as well as leaders in the rapidly expanding beverage brewing industry

Business and Government

The Georgetown Business & Government Club is a new student organization that informs MSB students about the intersection of business and government policy and assists those seeking careers in government service or with companies and organizations doing business with the government.

Black MBA Association

Members of the Black MBA Association (BMBAA) are committed to making a difference in local, regional, and global communities through the investment of individual and collective professional resources in activities that promote ethical business strategy and compassionate social interaction. The association’s purpose is threefold:  to encourage excellence in academic preparation and professional development of MBA candidates of African descent; to cultivate the presence of students of African descent as members of the Georgetown community and enrich the academic and professional environment at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business; and to engage in structurally organized activities in the areas of recruitment, retention, and placement of students of African descent in the Georgetown MBA Full-Time Program.

California Business Alliance

California Business Alliance's mission is to facilitate West Coast recruitment across many industries and functional areas. California Business Alliance organizes an annual trip to the San Francisco Bay area each January to visit companies of interest to current students. The trip includes company visits and networking receptions with local Georgetown University alumni.. In past years, interviews, internships, and full-time job offers have been obtained as a result of the visits.

Greater China Business Association

The Greater China Business Association's mission is to increase awareness and understanding of greater China markets and business landscapes among MSB MBA students. The objectives of the club are: to educate MBAs on business, social, and cultural issues of China, to understand China’s role in the global economy, to increase dialogue between MBAs and China, and to foster professional development for MBAs interested in doing business in or with the greater China area. These activities will promote school brand recognition in the greater China region and enhance business networks for future growth. Greater China includes countries and regions with a strong Chinese influence.

Emerging Markets Network

The Emerging Markets Network promotes student interests in emerging and developing economies. The network combines regional interests with business concentrations such as finance or consulting to help Georgetown MBA candidates explore the challenges and rewards of professional careers in these countries. Members host a number of educational activities and career events, as well as formal and informal networking opportunities. The Emerging Markets Network also promotes Georgetown MBA candidates’ career development by establishing linkages with resources at Georgetown University and in the Washington, DC community.

MSB Energy & Cleantech Club

The mission of the MSB Energy and Cleantech Club is to expose interested students to various career opportunities and trends within the energy industry through guest speaker events, energy-specific treks, and group discussion. The club will address the areas of clean technologies and energy, including oil, gas, electric, renewable and clean technology, energy conservation, consulting, investments, management, trading, corporate finance, asset development, energy services, strategy and planning, business development, and policy.

European Business Association

The mission of the European Business Association (EBA) is to provide an active link between the Georgetown MBA Program and the European business world. The EBA was founded in the fall semester of 1999 to address student, professional, and cultural issues from a European perspective.

Gay and Lesbian Alliance

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) serves members of the Georgetown MBA Program who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT), as well as those who support this community. The mission of GALA is to foster a supportive environment for professional development, provide a forum for the discussion of business issues related to sexual orientation, and facilitate social interaction and networking among students, alumni, and professionals.

Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance

The Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance welcomes those who have a passion for these industries. The alliance helps interested Georgetown MBA candidates learn about and seek job opportunities in the media and entertainment industries.

Georgetown MBA Entrepreneurship Club

The Georgetown MBA Entrepreneurship Club provides resources, opportunities, and education for students wishing to start a new business immediately after graduation, as well as to students interested in working in small businesses, venture capital firms, cutting-edge technology companies, or larger corporations that promote the entrepreneurial spirit.

Georgetown Gourmet Society

The Georgetown Gourmet Society seeks to learn about different cultures through food and promote the global mindset of members and non-members alike.

Georgetown MBA Partners Association

Georgetown MBA Partners Association is a group of students and their spouses/significant others who are dedicated to making the Washington, D.C., area feel like home for MBA students and their families. Georgetown MBA Partners organizes social and educational functions on campus and around the city, including barbecues, wine tastings, dinners out at local restaurants, a book club, sporting events, and cultural events. Activities take place throughout the year for students and their husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, and children.

Georgetown Ultimate Four

The Georgetown Ultimate Four (U4) is a two-day basketball tournament involving students from top MBA programs. The event is hosted by Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business MBA Program, and it benefits local nonprofit organizations. In the past, proceeds have been donated to Teach for America and the "I Have a Dream" Foundation project. The weekend event invites teams to participate from MBA programs all across the country, creating opportunity to meet students from other leading business schools.

Georgetown Wine Society

The Georgetown Wine Society gives students, faculty, and staff interested in wine the opportunity to network in a comfortable setting. The Georgetown Wine Society augments the Georgetown MBA curriculum with an interactive wine education series that brings personal, social, and business benefits.

Georgetown Women in Business

Georgetown Women in Business (GWiB) is a chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA), an organization dedicated to educating and promoting the role of women in the workplace. GWiB provides networking, recruiting, and career-building events and opportunities for women throughout the Georgetown MBA Program.

Georgetown Operations and Management Association

The Operations and Management Association provides opportunities for people interested in operations and supply chain management to get together, exchange ideas, and organize activities related to this field.

Graduate Investment Fund

The Graduate Investment Fund (GIF) is a student-managed fund, comprising endowments and alumni contributions. The fund currently is valued approximately $300,000. The club aims to bring the various theories expounded in economics and techniques presented in finance to life by allowing members to make real investment decisions.

Graduate Marketing Association

The Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) is dedicated to education and career development for students interested in a career in marketing. The association has a mission to enrich the marketing education of members, assist members with career planning and development, and foster the reputation of Georgetown’s marketing expertise to prospective employers.

Graduate Student Consulting Group

The Graduate Student Consulting Group (GSCG) offers members career assistance, skills development opportunities, and forums to learn about the consulting industry. The GSCG has maintained a consistent membership of about 140 members as students continue to evaluate consulting as a professional career.

Healthcare Business Alliance

The Healthcare Business Alliance analyzes current trends and fosters relationships within the healthcare industry from a variety of perspectives. This club maintains a specific focus on how healthcare uniquely relates to other areas of business. Club members seek to learn more about how healthcare is connected to the fields of finance, information technology, consulting, government policy formulation, marketing, and management/administration through research and education, as well as from outside specialists. The club also concentrates on the increasing number of healthcare companies that recruit at Georgetown

Human Capital and Leadership

Human Capital work is inherently cross-functional, complex, varied, and necessary to all successful organizations. HCAL seeks to educate future business leaders on the importance of human capital as a source of competitive advantage in any business sector. HCAL provides networking and learning opportunities with strategic and human resource professionals and human capital consultants across a variety of industries. HCAL also nurtures the interests of students interested in pursuing careers within human capital by exposing them to career opportunities and industry professionals in this function, and by providing opportunities for those students to apply Human Capital understanding to business problems. Our vision is to build Georgetown’s Human Capital brand so that our school becomes a dominant supplier of HC talent to the business world.

Latin American Business Association

The Latin American Business Association formed in 2007. LABA is dedicated to the advancement of Hispanics and Latin Americans in business and creates a link between Georgetown MBA students and business opportunities in Latin America. The organization assists in the recruitment of Hispanic and Latin American students and faculty at the McDonough School of Business and provides academic and career development support for its members.LABA focuses on building awareness of the Latin American business environment and its cultural richness.

Japan Society

The objectives of the Japan Society are to serve the community’s academic and professional needs, to improve recognition and the reputation of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business in Japanese business society, and to support club members' academic and professional activities after graduation. The club seeks to connect the Georgetown MBA Program and Japanese business community in Washington, introduce Japanese business issues and culture to the Georgetown MBA community, promote a Georgetown presence and status among Japanese business school applicants, build a strong relationship and interactive network with alumni throughout the world, and research jobs, manage job information, and assist students in job searches.

Jewish Business Alliance

Celebrating our second year representing Jewish interests at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, the Jewish Business Alliance is comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish members. The club provides social and business networking opportunities, organizes the yearly Israel Trek, and provides a way to celebrate Jewish holidays and social events with peers at the business school. Previous social events have included Apples, Honey & Wine for Rosh Hashanah, a Chanukah Party, and Passover Seder. Israel Trek, the JBA’s main professional event, brings Israeli companies to campus for a day of panels and networking.

MBA Finance Club

The MBA Finance Club educates students about careers in finance and provides resources to support the career search. The Finance Club augments the Georgetown MBA curriculum by creating a forum where students can share information and advice on career opportunities through professional speaker programs, information sessions, mentor programs, résumé reviews, and specific finance-related events.

MBA Golf Club

The MBA Golf Club is dedicated to bringing classmates together on the golf course in a relaxed setting away from the classroom while providing an enjoyable experience for participants of all experience levels.

MBA Volunteers

The purpose of this organization is to establish a link between the Georgetown MBA Program and the Washington community. Working together with the SGA vice president for community affairs, the MBA Volunteers operates as a central location for community information and coordination of events. The club strives to provide a variety of opportunities for students to become involved with the local community.

McDonough Military Association

The McDonough Military Association is open to all veterans of the military, both officers and enlisted, from all service branches and all nationalities, as well as their partners and any other students who are interested in learning about the military and sharing in the camaraderie. The McDonough Military Association exists to assist in the professional development and job search process of members, mentor incoming students, promote camaraderie among members, develop and maintain professional relationships with veteran alumni, and raise awareness and support for the military at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.

McDonough Adventure Club

The McDonough Adventure Club is an organization valuing fun and  inclusive activities, primarily in the outdoors.  It is the mission of the Adventure Club to organize activities that bring members with common interests together and foster bonding.  The club organizes at minimum two off-campus events per semester (though frequently more) which may include a ski trip, rock climbing, hiking, camping, skydiving and/or kayaking as well as possible indoor activities.  The club strongly encourages participation of Evening Program students as well as Partners. 

Middle East Graduate Alliance

The mission of the Middle East Graduate Alliance is to promote the region to Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business community. Through business and cultural events, the alliance develops a greater understanding of the Middle East. The alliance provides a network for students who are interested in career opportunities in the Middle East.

Net Impact

Net Impact is a network of emerging business leaders dedicated to using the power of business to create a better world. Originally founded as Students for Responsible Business in 1993, Net Impact quickly has grown to more than 50 local chapters and 5,000 members. Georgetown University's Net Impact chapter was formed in 1993 as a charter chapter. In 2010, the McDonough School of Business chapter was awarded with Gold Status (the highest status a chapter can reach) by the national Net Impact Office. Only 7 percent of all Net Impact chapters worldwide were awarded with this status. Additionally, only 12 graduate schools in the world have been given this honor.

Social Impact Internship Fund

The Social Impact Internship Fund provides financial support to first-year Georgetown MBA students interested in summer internship opportunities within nonprofit organizations worldwide. The Nonprofit Internship Fund hosts a silent auction in the third module each year to raise money for the fund. Items are donated by students, faculty, administration, and businesses.

Georgetown Real Estate Society

The Georgetown Real Estate Society's objective is to enhance student access to the wealth of resources located at Georgetown and within the greater Washington, D.C., community to help students educate themselves about real estate and prepare for successful careers in this dynamic industry.

South Asian Business Alliance

The South Asian Business Alliance (SABA) encourages excellence in academic preparation and professional development of students of South Asian descent at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. The alliance cultivates the presence of South Asians as members of the Georgetown community and enriches the academic and professional environment at the school.

Sports Club

To connect MSB students interested in sporting activities, teach new sports to students, and organize sporting events.

Technology, Innovation and Design Graduate Organization

The Georgetown MSB Technology & Innovation Club provides a social and professional community for MSB students interested in making a difference in all business aspects of technology. Our activities explore the immediate issues of how technology changes the world and the way we work. We aim to broaden MSB's relationships with local and national business leaders by serving as a forum for ideas and exchanges about the latest in innovation and technology.