The Georgetown MBA community is home to several traditions that enrich the MBA program, most of which are student led.

Annual Report

Showcasing wry humor and talent, the Annual Report is an end-of-the-year celebration led by the second-year MBA students. A combination of professional-quality video and live skits, the event takes a comedic look at the past academic year. It is held at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House and also includes awards like the year’s “most ridiculous mass e-mail.” Annual Report is open to all Full-time MBA students.

Fall and Spring Formal

Open to all Full-time and Evening Program MBA students, the fall and spring formals are an opportunity for students and their significant others to enjoy a night on the town. Typically the more formal of the two events, the fall gathering has been held at places like the French Embassy and the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. The spring event has featured such themes as “casino night” and “007 night,” and has been held at Sequoia, the Kennedy Center, and the Omni Woodley Park. It also incorporates a fundraiser for the Nonprofit Internship Fund, which financially assists students who obtain summer internships in the nonprofit arena.

International Festival

Hosted by the international students each fall, the International Festival showcases the different countries and cultures represented within the Full-time MBA program. Led by the different international clubs, the event features traditional food, dress, dancing, and more. The International Festival is hugely popular among students, faculty, staff, and their families.

McDonough Cup

Each spring, first-year, second-year, and evening MBA students form teams and compete against one another for the McDonough Cup. A combination of social, athletic, and academic challenges, the student-run event encourages a sense of community within teams, as well some friendly competition among teams. At the end of the day, one team is declared the winner and earns the right to hoist the coveted McDonough Cup.

Thursday Socials

The Student Government Association hosts “Thursday Socials” that provide students with an opportunity to socialize and decompress after each week of classes. Organized by the SGA vice president for social activities, these events take place on the patio outside the MBA Commons of the Rafik B. Hariri Building when the weather is nice. In colder months, the gatherings move to off-campus locations across the District of Columbia. The Socials are often co-sponsored by an MBA student organization, thus introducing an additional cultural component to the event.