Georgetown McDonough students, faculty, and staff are newsmakers, whether being featured in the press, in the award-winning Georgetown Business magazine, on social media, or in the on our own news site. 

  • New Regulations to Change How Advertisers Use Our Data

    “Customers expect personalised content from the news services they use – so why should ads be different? As Larry Downes from Georgetown University’s Center for Business and Public Policy says: ‘An ad for the right product or service, offered at the right time to the right person at the right price, isn’t an ad at all. It’s a deal.’”

  • Why Lottery Winners Make Dangerous Neighbors

    Why the negative ripple effect? When people win the lottery, they often spend some of the money on envy-inducing goodies like new cars, boats, and supersized TVs. Researchers say that these lifestyle upgrades then tempt their neighbors to boost their own spending on visible markers of prosperity, even though they haven’t had a sudden run of financial luck. Down the road that leads to more bankruptcies, said Sumit Agarwal, a professor of finance at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and an author of the study.

  • These CEOs Stuck by Trump as Others Defected. Then He Dumped Them.

    Hewson’s refusal to leave — an argument the Lockheed Martin chief should stick around for influence — probably won’t damage her image in the long run, said Robert Bies, a professor of management at Georgetown University. “That is a principled stance, as much as a principled stance as people leaving,” he said. “We need to engage with people, in this case the president, if we’re going to have any influence.”

  • Enough Was Finally Enough for CEOs on Trump's Advisory Councils

    An op-ed by Marlene Towns, adjunct professor of marketing: “Brand managers are the protectors of their respective brands. Companies go to great lengths to protect their investment in the brand and the equity built over years of careful marketing by closely monitoring the associations made and the company the brand keeps. While brand ambassadors or affiliating one’s brand with a particular event or entity can be an effective promotion tool, it is always one to be taken with great caution.”

  • Trash-Talking in Business

    Recent research by professors Maurice Schweitzer, Samir Nurmohamed of The Wharton School, and Georgetown professor Jeremy Yip, considers this trend and finds that while trash-talking increases effort in competitive interactions, is decreases effort in cooperative interactions, and can harm performance when the performance task involves creativity.

  • Tuesday Tips: Georgetown McDonough Fall 2018 MBA Essay Tips

    Georgetown McDonough School of Business’s location in Washington D.C. puts the school at the center of public policy and international business. The program requires all students to be part of the Global Business Experience, an international consulting project. Georgetown also has the Steers Global Real Estate Center and new entrepreneurship initiative.

  • 3 Simple Ways to Spread Kindness in a Rude World

    Then there are the Twitter wars and politicians shouting at one another on the news. You can also blame long work hours. “Sixty percent of employees say they act uncivilly because they are overworked and stressed and don’t have time to be nice,” says Christine Porath, PhD, professor of management at Georgetown University and author of Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace.

  • Meet the New Global Trade Leader: The European Union

    TTIP represented nearly half of the world’s GDP and, as Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Czinkota states, it was “the West’s last best opportunity to set global rules as the emerging markets continue to gain ground.

  • Making the Wait Worthwhile

    An op-ed by John Cui, assistant professor: “Consumers spend a lot of time waiting in lines, incurring economic costs due to lost time as well as psychological costs such as boredom, frustration and anxiety. Naturally, lines are also costly for firms as they potentially result in lost sales and lower customer satisfaction.”

  • What MBA Applicants Should Do Now To Secure A Top Summer Internship

    Doreen Amorosa, Associate Dean & Managing Director of the MBA Career Center at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business brings in-house expertise to internship search strategies having worked as VP of Global Recruitment & Workforce Planning at American Express in New York City. “A post-MBA career choice is often complex, because it involves many factors: functional fit, industry alignment, company size, organizational culture, upward mobility, global reach and more. That’s why an internship is an excellent way to help you more clearly define your career path,” Doreen explains.

  • New McDonald's Set to Expand Faster in China

    McDonald’s plan to almost double the number of stores in China by 2022 is a way for the company to commit to the mainland market without putting in its own capital according to Arthur Dong, a professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Dong said for the first 20 years of its development in China, McDonald’s was basically using its own money. Subscription required.

  • Georgetown Switches Out MBA Essay — Again

    For the second time in two years, Georgetown McDonough School of Business has changed its MBA admissions essay question — part of an evolving effort to better “assess the resilience of our applicants,” says Shari Hubert, associate dean of MBA admissions.

  • How a College Grad is Devoting His Life to Supporting 'Unsung' Campus Workers

    Febin Bellamy did. He’s the founder and CEO of Unsung Heroes, a platform dedicated to promoting awareness of the workers who often go unnoticed on campuses. “No one really knows their stories, and I’m saying if you don’t know someone’s story, it’s easy for them to be invisible and to go under the radar,” says Bellamy, a 2017 graduate of Georgetown University. “So it’s our role to kind of recognize these folks and put them on the spotlight.”

  • McDonough MBAs Pledge Pay to Social Impact Internship Fund

    Being generous is en vogue at Georgetown McDonough. During the spring semester, the McDonough Net Impact Club launched a fundraising campaign for the Social Impact Internship Fund (SIIF). The student group urged MBAs to donate around 0.5 percent of their summer internship pay to benefit their peers pursuing social impact internships.

  • Is There a Need to Worry About Amazon?

    Professor Jose Guerrero-Cusumano explains why some executives are worried about the technology giant. For large companies, Amazon's diversification in different sectors of the economy makes it a rival, but it also brings benefits in other aspects such as price minimization and job creation. Click link to watch full broadcast.

  • The Higher Bitcoin Rises, The Harder it Falls

    James Angel, a professor of finance at Georgetown University, is skeptical about Bitcoin. He noted the difficulty in determining its value, which makes its future uncertain, though the underlying technology and rival cryptocurrencies like ethereum may prove to be useful over the long run. "Markets have a habit of going crazy from time to time," Angel said. "When it's a bubble, it can get a lot worse before it pops."