• VC-List
    Access To Capital Is Critical to Ensuring Success of Rural Entrepreneurs

    An op-ed by Matthew McKenna, executive-in-residence, Global Social Enterprise Initiative: “Many people across the country think that the story of rural America has already been written. Small towns are increasingly being left behind, and the capital that is so badly needed to spur economic growth and opportunity is not finding its way to small business owners and entrepreneurs that are the core of rural communities.”

    Does a Tough Reputation Pay Off in Negotiations?

    Recent studies have examined whether having a certain reputation helps in negotiations. In their recent paper, Andrea Kupfer Schneider (Marquette University), Catherine Tinsley (Georgetown University) and Jack Cambria analyzed whether it pays off to be known as a cooperative or competitive negotiator.

  • Institutional Investor
    The NFL’s Next Billionaire Owner Won’t Be A Person, Institutional Investor (June 6, 2018)

    “It’s a high-growth industry, and the potential for solid returns on investment is high,” says Reena Aggarwal, a finance and business administration professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

  • Washington Post
    5G: What is it good for?

    An op-ed by Larry Downes, project director, Center for Business and Public Policy: “5G, or 5th generation mobile, is the next big leap in wireless communications. You’ve probably heard about it in commercials or seen it in headlines. But much of the discussion about the new technology has been focused on its engineering features, infrastructure requirements and public policy considerations. With technical buzzwords like ‘network slicing,’ ‘beamforming,’ and ‘multi-access edge computing,’ it may be hard to really understand what 5G is all about and why we should care.”

  • CNN logo
    Even Crypto Skeptics Embrace Blockchain

    John Jacobs, a former Nasdaq executive who’s now the [executive director of Center for Financial Markets and Policy at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business], said he 'constantly' gets calls from recruiters asking, “We need people to understand how to apply blockchain technology.”

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    What The Gates Foundation Learned By Offering 52 Weeks Of Paid Parental Leave

    In contrast, insensitivity and lack of “civil organizational behavior”—such as showing little support for new parents—can, according to research by Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business Professor Christine Porath, “cause employees to lose focus, be less engaged, and have health problems,” none of which is good for individuals or organizations.

  • wharton
    The Success or Failure of Social Movements

    Leslie Crutchfield, executive director of Georgetown University’s Global Social Initiative, which is part of the McDonough School of Business, joins hosts Anne Greenhalgh and Jeff Klein to discuss her latest book, "How Change Happens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed While Others Don’t" on Leadership in Action.

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    Georgetown McDonough Increases Veterans Graduate Program Scholarships

    Starting in fall 2018, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business will increase its funding for veterans enrolled in graduate programs as part of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. The increase will provide students with $15,000 per year from Georgetown McDonough (up from $10,000 in previous years), resulting in a total of $30,000 annually thanks to a matching gift from the Department of Veterans.

  • CNN en Espanol
    New U.S. Tariffs: Is A Trade War Approaching?, CNN Dinero

    USA decides to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada and the European Union. Could this measure trigger a commercial war? We analyzed it with Ricardo Ernst, professor at the Business School of Georgetown University.

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    What Are The Best Washington DC Real Estate MBA Programs?

    Georgetown McDonough MBA’s benefit from access to the Steers Center for Global Real Estate, which provides students with the resources they need to acquire a nuanced understanding of global real estate. MBA’s with a bent toward real estate can take one class for each of the four quadrants in real estate teaching: public equity, public debt, private equity, and private debt. They can also take the four additional modules within the Real Estate Clinic, which exposes students to live real estate transactions in U.S. markets. The clinic gives students the opportunity to underwrite investments being considered by commercial real estate firms.

  • Gray TV
    Idaho Community Bank Sees Brighter Days Ahead Following Deregulation

    "Nobody gets everything they wanted in this bill and that's probably a good thing," said James Angel, a professor at Georgetown University. Angel says the biggest banks with more than $250 billion in assets will remain under the tightest scrutiny from the Dodd-Frank law. However, the controversy surrounding Crapo's law comes from exempting a number of banks that fall under that threshold.

  • Healthline
    The State Of Caregiving For Alzheimer’s And Related Dementia 2018

    “It’s as if women are expected to be the caregivers,” says Diane Ty, project director of Global Social Enterprise Initiative and AgingWell Hub at Georgetown University. She points out that since many women have previously taken on the role as primary caregiver to children, their siblings or other family members often assume they’ll take the lead in Alzheimer’s care.

  • Peeptrade Blog
    Georgetown Students Turn $1 Million Into $383 Billion In University Challenge

    A Georgetown McDonough team won the “Best Hedge Fund Strategy Award” in the Peeptrade Challenge in an event hosted by the University of Chicago. The students set up a global record with a 38 million percent return. The results drew attention of some investors, and now they are in the process of opening a hedge fund after the Challenge, the fund has been reserved in Delaware and will be open to accredited investors in 2019.

  • Wolters Kluwer
    U.S. At Risk Of Losing Mid-Band 5G Race, Panelist Says

    While the FCC is moving apace on ensuring there is sufficient low-band and high-band spectrum available for 5G wireless deployment, there is a “danger” of “losing the race” on mid-band spectrum to Southeast Asia, where government processes make it “a lot easier to clear spectrum,” an Ericsson public policy official said during a panel discussion of 5G issues this morning …organized by the Georgetown University Center for Business & Public Policy.​ Subscription required.

  • NBC News
    New York Stock Exchange Gets Its First Female President

    We do have some progress at the board level,” said Barbara Krumsiek, senior fellow at the Women’s Leadership Institute at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. “Investors who increasingly feel that diverse boards lead to better outcomes… like large pension funds have made this a priority. They have that tool of advocacy, which they’ve exercised,” she said

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    It's Unanimous — Almost. The Caps Will Win The Stanley Cup.

    Paul Almeida, dean, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business: “Yes, 2018 is the year the Caps win the Stanley Cup. Sports are a big business here in Washington that tie us together as a community to cheer on our beloved teams. When the Caps win, all of Washington wins. Go Caps!”