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    How career fairs for students work in international universities

    MBA Crystal Ball got in touch with Diana Banks, associate director, MBA Career Center, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business to learn more about how career fairs work at Georgetown McDonough. Here’s what she shared.

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    U.S. Business Schools Are Reporting Record Employment Rates And Starting Salaries For Their Freshly Minted MBA Grads, But There’s Growing Gap In Job Prospects Between U.S. Nationals And Overseas Students

    Many of the best paying jobs are still with management consulting firms and investment banks, according to Doreen Amorosa, associate dean for career services at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where base salaries rose by four percent last year compared with 2017 to a record-high $116,946. Consulting firms paid the graduates $129,698 on average in 2018, while the figure for financial services firms was $118,430

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    2019 Best & Brightest: Jerome Smalls, Georgetown University (McDonough)

    What did you enjoy most about your business school? The DEANS! The McDonough School of Business has some of the most resourceful, compassionate, and loving deans. I have been able to build genuine relationships with nearly every dean in the McDonough School of Business [Undergraduate Program] not only due to my involvement in multiple programs but also because of our classic “Bagels with Deans” that occur every Thursday morning! The deans have offered more than just academic or career advice. In many ways, I have been able to create friendships with them, friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.

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    Lawmakers Accuse Soy, Almonds Of Diluting Milk's Brand

    "I think there’s a good chance that you would see some of these almond milks, soy milks take a revenue hit of some sort," said Georgetown University Marketing Professor Karthik Easwar.

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    Meet Shavini Fernando, Developer Of A Wearable Vital Monitoring Device

    Shavini Fernando went on to compete in Georgetown Entrepreneurship’s second annual Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize “Bark Tank” pitch competition on Nov. 28, 2018, where she won a total of $35,000: $30,000 for first place and $5,000 for the people’s choice award for OxiWear, which was originally named O2Wear. Fernando said she is still working on the communication regulations but, currently, the device can monitor heart rates and oxygen levels.

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    How To Fix Big Tech Without Breaking It Up

    Hal Singer makes his living as an expert witness in antitrust cases and teaching at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. In recent years, he’s also become one of the handful of economists who are trying to shake up the once-staid world of antitrust theory. He’s testified before Congress, participated in a symposium held by the Federal Trade Commission, and made speeches in which he’s offered his own solution for how to reignite competition in the face of the power of Big Tech. Whether you agree with him or not, his ideas are being taken seriously in the halls of Congress, and have helped spark a debate that could have enormous consequences. What follows is a lightly edited and condensed version of a recent conversation we had about his ideas.

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    2019 Best & Brightest: Julia Hyman, Georgetown University (McDonough)

    What did you enjoy most about your business school? The collaborative environment. The majority of my classes involve group projects and, as a result, I have learned much more by working in those groups and being exposed to so many classmates. I have learned to be a leader and, perhaps more importantly, a listener. It has taught me to be a teammate and to work through challenges as a group.

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    Job Placement Rates At The Leading B-Schools

    Georgetown McDonough is listed among leading universities in Poets&Quants’ ranking about employment rates at the top 25 U.S. schools 3 months after graduation.

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    Rob Britton, adjunct professor, was a guest on Dan Loney’s “Knowledge@Wharton” radio program on Sirius XM, talking about the nomination of former Delta Air Lines executive Steve Dickson to head the FAA, and the ongoing story of the Boeing 737 MAX.

  • Podcast

    Rob Britton, adjunct professor, was a guest on Dan Loney’s “Knowledge@Wharton” radio program on Sirius XM, talking about the nomination of former Delta Air Lines executive Steve Dickson to head the FAA, and the ongoing story of the Boeing 737 MAX.

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    Congress Looking For Private Industry Help With Stopping Senior Scams

    Georgetown University’s Liddy Manson, the director of the Aging Well Hub, said any legislation could threaten to slow down free enterprise, but she supports this. Manson said, “I know that many people in the business community may grit their teeth at it. But this type of legislation, in my mind probably has more promise to addressing the situation than allowing private enterprise to come up with a solution on their own.”

  • The Hill
    For Trade, The Past Is Prologue, Not Gospel

    An op-ed by Michael Czinkota, associate professor: “Historically, increased international trade activities are often linked to the growth of a country. National power in the world was often the result of creating new markets and trade.”

  • Washington Post
    ‘Three Spots’: Alleged Bribery Of Tennis Coach Stings Georgetown Admissions

    John Hasnas, a business professor and executive director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics, said he gave the university some credit for spotting a problem with [Gordon] Ernst in 2017. Still, Hasnas said the scandal was shocking in its national scope and duration. “The blatancy of the schemes suggests people involved knew universities weren’t paying proper attention and were easy to defraud in this way,” Hasnas said.

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    DC Blockchain Summit Served As A Central Point For Conversation On Technology And Policy

    As use cases for blockchain grow, technologists and businesses are increasingly being joined by government in the conversation. That was evident in D.C. last week as more than 600 curious participants including lawmakers, businesspeople and tech professionals attended the fourth DC Blockchain Summit at Georgetown University.

  • Financial Times
    For Richer, For Poorer: The Couples In Business Together

    Jeff Reid, professor of entrepreneurship at Georgetown University, says most professional investors make it a “rule of thumb never to invest in entrepreneurs who are dating or married.” Investors believe the business will suffer if the relationship suffers, he says. Subscription required.

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    Students Land Jobs Thanks To This MBA’s Focus On FinTech, Blockchain & Big Data

    “You can’t think about how an organization operates today without thinking of a technological application,” says professor John Jacobs, executive director of the Center for Financial Markets and Policy at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.