MSF Alumni

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Lifelong Engagement

As an MSF graduate, we hope you will remain connected to the program and participate actively by sharing your successes, expertise, and industry insights. Alumni are encouraged to attend events held around the world, and we always can use your help in making introductions to hiring managers and others who seek to hire MSF talent. We hope you will actively contribute to the MSF community in person and through social media (FacebookLinkedInTwitter, etc.) for years to come.


Career Advising and Executive Coaching

MSF alumni have access to lifelong career advising and executive coaching. A member of our Career Management Team can assist you in a wide range of areas, including positioning for a promotion, strategizing about a career change, or evaluating a job offer. Please visit the MSF Intranet and click the alumni section for more information on how to make an appointment.

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Access to MSF Resources

As a member of the Georgetown MSF alumni community, you will receive program updates about twice a year. In addition, you retain access to course materials on Engage as well as to the program’s MSF intranet site, where you can find information on the newest cohorts, contact information for the program, and links to MSF news. You also have unlimited access to the MSF Career Management intranet, which includes important MSF-specific career resources, links to business intelligence, industry information, and resources like Vault, The Business Journals, and Mock Interview Software.

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Top 5 Ways to Engage as an MSF Alum

Remain connected to the MSF community through multiple opportunities to network, provide support for fellow alumni or current students, and share valuable insights into the world of finance and consulting. Consider engaging in one of the following:

  • Connect with our MSF LinkedIn Profile and Group to see what’s happening in the program, stay engaged with your fellow alumni, and keep us updated on your professional journey.
  • Recruit and Refer a Hoya: If your company is looking to fill a position, please consider sharing a job posting on our MSF LinkedIn Page or sending it to our office. You also can post it to Georgetown’s Handshake platform to gain wider exposure beyond the MSF program.  Learn more about how to partner with the MSF Career Center to help your company with its recruitment efforts.
  • Host an Alumni Insights Session or Company Presentation.  Work with our office to arrange for an informal alumni chat or a formal company information session.  Current students are eager to hear from alumni and these sessions tend to be very widely attended as a result.
  • Join the McDonough MSF Connect on Hoya Gateway to extend your professional network and connect with fellow MSB and MSF Hoyas past and present.  We will be sharing upcoming events, resources, and facilitating discussions for professional growth through this group.
  • Offer Mock Interviews – You are well-positioned to help current students prepare for the realities of job interviews. If you are interested in offering interview coaching and advice, let us know and we will add you to the active database of alumni volunteers who have agreed to offer this valuable service.

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Access to Georgetown Alumni Resources

When you graduate, you will regularly hear from the McDonough Office of Alumni Relations and become part of the larger Georgetown Alumni Association. Gain access to a wide range of resources, perks, and information on the alumni page and don’t forget to register for alumni events and programs offered to the entire Georgetown alumni community.