Hire a Georgetown MSF

Georgetown’s top-ranked MSF program prepares students to become leaders in finance, consulting, and business with the skills, knowledge, global mindset, and passion to work through pressing current and future business challenges.

Georgetown MSF Talent

The Georgetown Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Program is unique, innovative, and flexible. Our student population is incredibly diverse with students fitting into the following recruitment categories:

Pre-Experience – Students admitted either directly from an undergraduate program or with less than two years of work experience are classified as pre-experience students. These students typically are looking for summer internships or direct-hire positions and are likely to search for these during their first semester in the program.

Entry-Level – Students admitted with less than five years of work experience are classified as entry-level for recruitment purposes. They are likely seeking access to development programs, opportunities to pivot from their current role (which could be unrelated to finance), or seek to move into a new role with a company of choice.

Established Career Professional – On average, our students have about 7 to 10 years of work experience when they join the program. That means that a majority of our students have already established themselves in their career and are using the MSF degree to secure positions of increasing responsibility, pivot into finance (either from a related or unrelated position), leverage their previous experience to move to a new industry, or develop a deep skill-set to be competitive in a future search.

Senior Professional – Some of our students come to the program with more than 10 years of work experience. These seasoned professionals are often looking for opportunities to grow – either vertically or horizontally within an organization. Some may seek to leverage the MSF degree to pivot to a new industry while others seek to become more involved in specialty areas like M&A.

Our Recruitment Schedule: Due to the part-time, flexible nature of our program, our students are not bound to specific recruitment calendars. Students are able to change jobs at any point during the program because our curriculum and program design allows students to work full-time while completing the degree. Some may search for a new position upon acceptance while others may wait until after graduation to make a change. The benefit to you – our students can be hired at any time during the year and can start almost immediately after receiving an offer. Contact our office to learn more about our students and to discuss your needs.

Post a Position or Internship

The MSF Career Center partners with other career centers on campus to utilize Georgetown Handshake as our job posting platform. When you post a position on Handshake, you can designate that you want to consider master’s students. This will open the position to MSF students, as well as other qualified master’s students across the university.  

If you already have an account on Handshake, select Georgetown University as your partner school. If you do not have a Handshake account, please register your organization.  

Next, click “Post a Job” from your home dashboard.

Insert the required information in the four fields (job basics, job details, job preferences, and schools to post). Complete each step and then click the “Next” button.

Once you’ve completed the “school” posting preferences, select “Create” on the bottom navigation to create and review your job. That’s it – your position is posted!

Host an Event

One of the best ways to increase brand recognition for your company among our students is to host an event.

  • Host a virtual information session, panel discussion, or meet and greet. We also are happy to open this session to other programs from which you might wish to recruit.
  • Partner with us to sponsor a reception during one of our three on-campus experiences – in August (orientation), October (week-long residency), and April (second year weekend).
  • Host a group of students at your office. The MSF Program occasionally organizes city-based events. Hosting a reception, company visit and information session, or on-site interview program are all possible. Contact MSF Career Services at msfcareer@georgetown.edu to discuss a future event.  

Highlight Openings in the MSF Jobs Digest

The MSF Career Services Office connects our students and alumni with available positions. In addition to utilizing Handshake, we also actively source positions for our twice-monthly MSF Jobs Digest. These allow us to share positions related to finance, consulting, and general business from a variety of job search platforms. If you have a position that you are seeking to fill, we are happy to highlight this position in our publication. Please contact our office at msfcareer@georgetown.edu for more information.  

Request a Resume Book

Georgetown MSF Students have a wide variety of experiences, skills, and backgrounds. Interested in seeing what our talent has to offer? Request a copy of our most recent resume book and work with us to identify potential candidates who you would like to know better. We will work with you to make introductions, schedule conversations, and – if desired – host the students for a 1:1 appointment (virtual or in-person at a place convenient to both of you).  Please contact our offifce at msfcareer@georgetown.edu to request a resume book.