MSF Career Services

[alt text]Our Core Services

Career Advising and Executive Coaching

One-on-one career advising and executive coaching sessions (virtual and in-person) are the cornerstone of our services. Both students and alumni have access to advising and coaching appointments focused on a variety of topics, including:

  • Overarching Career Management Strategy
  • Assessing and Growing Your Professional Networking
  • Leveraging Internal Mobility Options
  • Developing and Revising Career Marketing Materials (Resumes, Cover Letters, etc.)
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Salary and Total Compensation Negotiation
  • Navigating Employment Issues

Interview Preparation

From case interviews to behavioral interview questioning techniques, the hiring process today requires that you be on top of your game when you are invited to interview with any firm. We provide access to digital tools to help you prepare for an interview, as well as one-on-one mock interviews to help you sharpen your responses and receive feedback on both body language and overall communication skills.  

Job and Internship Postings

MSF students have access to the Georgetown University Recruitment Portal, Handshake. Handshake is a shared resource among campus career center partners and provides up-to-date listings of full-time, part-time, and internship listings. In addition, our office publishes the MSF Jobs Digest, a biweekly list of positions that we have specifically sourced from employers, alumni, and partners.

[alt text]Career Curriculum

Summer Career Bootcamp

This six-week-intensive career program for incoming students provides an overview of career options most readily available with an MSF, in-depth information about our internship policy and the investment banking and consulting summer search timelines, and time to develop both the materials (resume, cover letter, etc.) and the skills (behavior and technical interviewing) necessary for success.

By the end of the 6-week Career Bootcamp Program participants will:

  • Understand the Career Management Process for graduate students in the MSF Program at Georgetown McDonough
  • Understand how your career interests, skills, motivations, and culture fit factors into your strategy and career decisions you will need to make
  • Apply your knowledge about various career paths, industries, and employers to the application process
  • Understand the recruitment pipeline for MSF students in IB, Consulting, Corporate Finance, and other MSF-related career fields and have developed and deployed a strategy for networking, application to positions, interview preparation, and follow-up based on this understanding
  • Have developed and refined your personal branding materials (resume, cover letter, social media profiles, LinkedIn, etc.) and have received both peer and career advisor feedback; allowing you to finalize these documents so they are ready to use
  • Have explored various job and internship opportunities using the key techniques for networking, informational interviewing, and opportunity search
  • Learn about and practice the essential interviewing techniques required for various positions (job or internship) and develop a plan to ensure you are well-scripted going into the interview phase of the process in the late summer and early fall
  • Recognize the components of job or internship offers and be able to assess each offer against benchmarked information so that you can navigate either acceptance or negotiation of components of the offer
  • Understand the factors that will impact your on-boarding process into a new position or internship and be ready to actively manage relationships and making your first impression from day one
  • Acquire techniques for managing your career and future job searches as a life-long endeavor

Fall Career Strategy Course

This 16-week, one-credit, pass-fail, fall semester course provides participants with the tools, resources, techniques, and access necessary to be ready to leverage the MSF degree both in the short and the long-term.  

Students in the course benefit from the semester-long format, which allows for individual exploration of career options through group exercises, self-awareness activities, experiences, and one-on-one career and leadership coaching. The curriculum focuses on the foundational business, communication, networking, leadership, personal branding and professional image, negotiation, job search, interviewing, presentation, and relationship management skills that are necessary to secure an internship or full-time position.  

This course provides a structured learning experience that will help participants:

  • Learn about the various career options available and assess the likelihood of each of these options based on previous work history, undergraduate academic achievement, and geographic location
  • Determine how to leverage the MSF into a new career opportunity based on your previous experience, personality traits, and future goals
  • Build a personal brand and learn how to deploy that brand in-person, via social media, and on paper
  • Understand the required skills, techniques, and personality traits necessary for success in finance-related fields
  • Assess skill, experience, and personal trait gaps and identify ways to fill gaps to be more attractive to employers
  • Develop techniques for networking and practice that networking through outreach activities and 1:1 informational interviews
  • Learn from those who came before by hearing directly from MSF alumni who are now utilizing the degree in a variety of ways
  • Project a plan for both the short-term and long-term that will help to clarify the steps necessary to be taken both during the program and long afterwards
  • Become familiar with all of the career resources available to students in the MSF Program

Questions about either of these career programs should be directed to career services at

[alt text]Communities of Practice

The field of finance grows more complex each year. With that growth has come the need to develop competencies in a wide range of technical, leadership, and people skills. The MSF Communities of Practice helps students better understand the demands of different career fields, expand learning and skill development beyond the classroom, interact with executives and thought leaders in different career areas, and engage in activities that can help to strengthen both skills and an interview narrative. Our Community of Practice Program currently focuses on three areas – investing, consulting, and fintech – and will grow over time as we add more resources and information to meet the growing specialized demands of employers.

Each Community of Practice is co-led by an Executive in Residence, who has substantial industry experience, and the Associate Dean for MSF Career Management. Executives in Residence bring real-world technical and leadership experience to their roles and help guide students through self-discovery exercises (answering the question “is this field right for me?”) and experiential learning activities that allow each participant to dive deeply into the work associated with each career field.

[alt text]Summer Clinics

One of the biggest challenges for graduate students (especially those who work full-time while in our program) is gaining new experiences that can help facilitate a “career pivot” more closely aligned with the MSF degree. Our summer clinics offer participants an opportunity to engage in challenging, in-depth, fast-paced experiences with corporate clients in the areas of investing or consulting. These eight-week experiences pair peers together in small teams to work on complex real-world projects for corporate partners that culminate with an in-person presentation and findings to senior industry leaders. The experience is an excellent opportunity to test-drive a career field, develop or expand existing skills, and gain valuable experience to utilize when discussing your skills and experiences in an interview situation. 

[alt text]MSF City Visits and Programs

MSF students live and work across the United States and in several cities abroad. Today’s global job market means many students seek to relocate to best leverage their degree. For several years, the MSF Program has hosted an MSFinNYC event that brings together alumni, current students, and industry experts in panel discussions, company visits, and networking receptions. We also may host gatherings in other cities across the United States where finance and consulting positions are concentrated. Check with MSF Career Services for more information on upcoming events.

[alt text]Career Fairs and Employer Events

MSF students have access to on-campus employer presentations, information sessions, coffee chats, and the university’s fall on-campus career fair held each September through our partnership with other career centers on campus. In addition, we partner with organizations across the country who hold online career fairs and information sessions that are perfect for students outside the Washington, D.C., area.  From specialized career fairs for veterans to lunchtime webinars discussing an individual company’s culture, the ability to connect with employers helps MSF students establish rapport and build relationships with recruiters.

[alt text]MSF Career Resources

Current students and alumni can access a wide range of career and industry resources, Georgetown’s Handshake platform for job and internship openings, a listing of MSF events and programs, and links to make a one-on-one appointment with career advising staff on the our password-protected MSF Intranet Site. Access to the site is provided at the time of orientation and remains active after graduation.