Our revolutionary embrace of technology allows our students to engage with our curriculum from anywhere in the world.  While our students do visit campus regularly, they study primarily from their homes across the U.S.  With this in mind, we approach employer relations differently than traditional full-time on-campus programs.  Opportunities to engage with Georgetown MSF students center around key components of our curriculum; when students are either on-campus or on break from their academic studies.


Due to our program's format, our approach to on-campus recruiting is quite different from what you might expect from a full-time campus-based program. In addition to posting open positions with us throughout the year, we welcome companies to campus to recruit for internships, entry-level positions, and experienced-hire positions during our fall and spring Candidate Preview Events.  Stay tuned for specific dates for both the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 recruitment programs.

Employer Sponsored Events

Employers seeking an opportunity to connect directly with students are encouraged to work with our office to establish a special employer program ranging from information sessions, case competitions, workshops, networking receptions, or a targeted recruitment event.  As our student population is spread out across the country, most events are presented virtually either from our on-campus blended classroom or from your offices. If you are seeking to engage with our students on-campus, we are able to welcome a limited number of employers to campus during periods in the fall and spring when our students are in residence.  Contact our office to discuss your goals for an event, proposed timing, and options for presentation (virtual or in-person).  We are happy to handle logistics for either a virtual or in-person event to make your time interacting with your students as stress-free as possible.   

Annual Summer Career Conference

Our Summer Career Conference program is a cornerstone of our career education program. The focus of this event is to allow students to perfect lifelong career management skills, discuss recent trends in the field, network with colleagues and businesses, and learn more about employers of choice. We welcome employer participation in this event as sponsors of networking receptions, presenters on specific recruitment or career topics, panelists discussing current trends, or as a participant in our “industry fair,” which allows students and alumni to learn about target employers in a comfortable setting. Please contact our office to discuss how you can gain exposure for your company at this signature event. The Summer 2016 Career Conference will take place on Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23, with most employer events taking place on the 22nd.    

Site Visitation Programs

The MSF Center for Career Strategy and Professional Engagement looks forward to collaborating with your organization to plan a visit to your worksite for students and alumni. Nothing can take the place of sharing what makes your company a great place to work than to allow students to learn about your company culture, accomplishments, and future goals on your home turf. Site visits can be arranged to accommodate as few as five students and larger groups depending on student interest and availability.