Our Students Stand Out

We know that you have your pick of qualified job seekers when recruiting new talent. We also know that you are looking for the best possible candidates who have both the academic background and necessary business skills to add value to your organization. Our students are among the best and brightest in the industry, having been prepared by world-class faculty in one of the most innovative Master of Science in Finance Programs in the country.  

What You Will Find

When you take a closer look at our graduates, you will find a talent pool with the finance, business, interpersonal, and consulting skills that are sought-after in today’s global economy. Our students range in age from 22 to 65 and join the program with both undergraduate and graduate degrees from some of the nation’s most prestigious universities. Since our program’s rigorous curriculum is offered through our revolutionary blended learning model, our students can study anywhere in the world and immediately apply new concepts and ideas to their current work environments.  

While our student body largely comprises working professionals, most are looking to advance in their fields and are eager to connect with employers of choice who can benefit from their experience and skill.  

Motivation is Everything

At Georgetown, you will find that all of our students share a passion for mastering the most challenging aspects of business education, an aptitude for learning this material quickly, and a desire to be leaders who contribute to addressing the most pressing consulting and financial challenges we face in today’s complex global economy.

Contact Our Office Today

Please contact Thomas Stowell, Director of MSF Career Strategy and Professional Engagement, at msfcareer@georgetown.edu or by phone at (202) 570-4511 to discuss your hiring needs and how we might partner.  

"Being a part of Georgetown's MSF community allows me to learn concepts from highly recognized faculty at the McDonough School of Business that are immediately relevant and allow me to make significant contributions within my organization. As an MSF student, I am improving myself and bringing a valuable perspective that has enhanced my team’s performance and accomplishment."

Sandra Chacon, MSF Class of 2016