Lifelong Engagement 

As an MSF graduate, we hope you will remain connected to the program and participate actively by sharing your successes, expertise, and industry insights. There are a number of events held throughout the year that alumni are encouraged to attend, and we always can use your help in making introductions with hiring managers and others who seek to hire MSF talent. We hope you will actively contribute to the MSF community in person and through social media (FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) for years to come.  

Career Advising and Executive Coaching

In addition, MSF alumni are provided access to lifelong career advising and executive coaching. Our Director of Career Management can assist you in a wide-range of areas, including positioning for a promotion, strategizing about a career change, or evaluating a job offer. To discuss your specific situation, contact the Center for Career Strategy and Professional Engagement at

MSF Career Resources

As an alumnus, you retain access to the MSF intranet, which includes important MSF-specific career resources, links to purchased programs like Vault, and to other business intelligence specifically selected for the MSF community. 

Opportunities for Engagement

Remaining connected to the MSF community is easy with multiple opportunities to network and provide support for both the alumni and current student populations. The engagement opportunities below are designed to strengthen relationships, share insights, and continually increase the value of the MSF degree. 

  • Job Postings - If you are aware of position openings in your organization or if you are a hiring manager looking to bring on new talent, please consider sharing this opening with our office so that we can share it with current students and alumni. The easiest way to do this is to send the job description, contact information, and application instructions to

  • Industry Insights – It is valuable for alumni and current students to hear from colleagues about trends in the field, inside information about employers of choice, or how your degree has allowed you to succeed in reaching your career goals. If you are interested in hosting a webinar, speaking with students during orientation, or sharing your insights during our summer Career Conference, please contact our office to discuss the logistics at

  • Mock Interview Coaching – Interviewing for a promotion within your current company or for a new position with a new organization is one of the most challenging tasks related to upward career mobility. Alumni are well-positioned to assist fellow graduates and current students in practicing and refining answers to technical questions. If you are interested in serving as an Alumni Mock Interview Coach, please contact our office.  

  • Employer Site Visits – Nothing can take the place of observing the physical environment, workflow, and colleague engagement more than visiting an employer’s place of business. If you are in a position to host one student or an entire group of students on a site visit to your company, contact us so that we can work with you on logistics.

  • Annual Summer Career Conference – A cornerstone of our career curriculum is our annual summer Career Conference which, for 2016, is held in conjunction with the optional program orientation. Plan to attend the day-long conference, which focuses on enhancing skills in critical areas of lifelong career management, sharing industry insights and trends, offering networking opportunities, and helping to guide ongoing efforts to enhance career management offerings for students and alumni.  

    Save the Date: 2016 Summer Career Conference: Friday, July 22, and Saturday, July 23.
    Schedule of Events:  (Coming Soon)

  • Alumni Networks – Stay connected with alumni from the MSF Program by remaining active on the program’s LinkedIn Page. You also can utilize resources available from the Georgetown Alumni Association such as Hoya Gateway (the Georgetown Alumni Directory) and Georgetown Social Media Networks.  

Additional Alumni Career Resources