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My First Job: Leap of Faith

A decision to launch his career overseas was one of Edward Millet’s best decisions yet.

A typical commute to the office for Edward Millet (MiM’23) is on a bicycle with views of cozy cafes, canals, historic landmarks, and an array of languages — namely, Dutch. Millet moved to Amsterdam after graduating from the M.S. in Management (MiM) program to pursue a new challenge at The Kraft Heinz Company.

“It was a complete leap of faith moving to a new country,” Millet said. “It was incredibly terrifying. But it is the single greatest decision I’ve ever made. Sometimes you need to put yourself in really uncomfortable positions to grow.”

A self-proclaimed global enthusiast, Millet has emphasized international learning and professional experiences throughout his life. In fact, the Global Business Experience was a main selling point in choosing Georgetown for his master’s degree. “I knew that if I wanted to work internationally, I should probably give it a test run,” Millet said. 

As part of the company’s development program, Millet is grateful to both expand his portfolio and to be further pushed outside his comfort zone.

Millet said having ambition is key to success in any environment, but especially when paving the way for a career. “It’s important for a company culture to encourage ambition. If you are ambitious, you should say it out loud.”

As Millet continues to learn from colleagues, mentors, and friends in the Netherlands, he’s appreciating the ride and the little victories along the way. 

“When I started at Kraft Heinz, I had a goal. I had a dream. I still have that goal, but I’ve learned to appreciate the journey of the unknown, too.” 

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