In May, alumni from the undergraduate and graduate programs at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, shared advice with the Class of 2019:

“Use each opportunity as a learning experience. Take the time to reflect on your successes as well as your failures. Marrying your strengths with your passion will not only lead to a happy career, but to a successful one. Your career is a like a race, learn new skills and don’t be afraid to take chances, ride the winners, and don’t be afraid to cut the losers.” - AJ Brancaccio (B’10)

“Work hard, but don't lose sight of what matters most. Be good to the people who are good to you. Remember to thank those who have helped you along the way - family, friends, faculty, and others. Your relationships will outlast any other aspect of your Georgetown experience.” - Justin Chapman (B’15)

“Wherever you go in life, whatever you do, never compromise the values you’ve inculcated at Georgetown. The business landscape will inevitably shift, change, and evolve, but your values are the bedrock with which your success—and more importantly impact—will be built on.” - Adam DeMarco (IBP’17)

“As a I look back years after graduation, I realized that during my time at Georgetown I learned something far beyond how to apply linear regression models or use the capital asset pricing model. I learned that I gain more fulfilment from contributing to my community than from trying to get ahead of others. Georgetown taught me that value of community.” - Charles R. Harris (MBA’98)

“As leaders we are judged by the decisions we make and the tone we set. Consider the impact of kindness and humility on both of these. Kindness and humility are the utmost expression of confidence and courage. It helps us to see more, hear more, and it fosters trust and space so our teams share more honestly. All of these diminish our blind spots. To be great leaders we must start with being better, more courageous, and more gracious human beings. Congratulations to you all!” - Sabrina Hu (MBA’11)

“My best advice is to continue to make time and space for strategic thinking like you are forced to in b-school. Once you get back full time into the workplace, it is easy to make to-do lists and feel good when you check things off each day, but you lose sight of how to make an impact. Now I write down my big goals – no more than two or three – and then I make sure I have time allotted each day to work on those.” - Lisa Mayr (MBA’98)

“Congratulations, graduates!  As you begin this next phase of your career, if you find yourself in a situation where you have a boss who respects you and fights for you and colleagues who support you, think not once nor twice but three times before pulling the ripcord and moving onto the next opportunity.” - Justin McMahan (MBA/MSFS’09)

“1) Don’t try to impress by being the smartest person in the room - let your work do that; 2) Try to be in the room where it happens - as early on as you can; 3) Do things that help your colleagues, even if you don’t foresee an immediate benefit - it will pay back.” - Svet Nikov (MBA’97)

“As you embark upon the next chapter of your career, embrace change and commit to lifelong learning. The job you’ll hold in 10 years probably doesn’t even exist today!” - Elizabeth Pollock (MBA’10) 

“As you enter the workforce consider these ideas: Don’t be just part of the problem, be part of the solution. Many colleagues are skilled at identifying the problems in your organization and often are talking about how these issues persist. Be the person who identifies the problems and works with others to find innovative solutions! Georgetown has prepared you well for just this circumstance.‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.’ - Jeff Bezos. What do you want colleagues to say about you when you’re not in the room? What will you deliver each day, and how will you conduct yourself to build this brand? Stay intellectually curious and never stop your educational journey!” - John Saunders (EMBA’17)

“Congratulations! Graduation day is a day that many thought might never come. But it has!  And you should celebrate. More than that, however, you should reflect on the great gift and privilege that’s been given to you -- the opportunity to spend the past few years learning, growing, reaching for the seemingly impossible. Now that you’ve accomplished that goal, what’s next? Make it worthy of yourselves, your classmates, and everyone around you.” - Matthew Shay (EMBA’11)

“Congratulations to Class of 2019! As you leave the Hilltop, please remember what Confucius once said: ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’ It’s time to see the real world, take actions from your new knowledge base, and strive to become a productive member of the society!” - Rose Wang (GEMBA’18)


  • Tropaia McDonough Valedictorian 2019
    Tropaia Celebrates Undergraduate Students And Faculty

    Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business recognized students graduating with honors from the Undergraduate Program on Friday, May 17, during the school’s annual Tropaia.

  • Joseph Baratta (center) receives the Dean's Medal from Pietra Rivoli and Paul Almeida
    Baratta to Graduates: Embrace the “Georgetown Factor”

    Twenty-six years ago, Joseph Baratta (B’93) walked across the Georgetown University commencement stage to receive his diploma and was prepared to begin his career at Morgan Stanley. He never imagined that he would find himself once again on the Healy Lawn stage, this time to address the McDonough School of Business Class of 2019.

  • Joseph Baratta will deliver the 2019 Commencement address for the McDonough School of Business.
    Blackstone Executive to Address Georgetown McDonough Graduates, May 17

    Joseph Patrick Baratta II (B’93), global head of private equity and senior managing director at Blackstone, will address the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Class of 2019 on Friday, May 17, at 3 p.m. on Healy Lawn.

  • Sweetgreen founders Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru on stage at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business
    Sweetgreen Founders Reflect on Success

    Sweetgreen founders and Georgetown McDonough School of Business alumni Jonathan Neman (B’07), Nicolas Jammet (B’07), and Nathaniel Ru (B’07) returned to campus April 16 for a conversation about their 12 years of success and how their mission to connect people to real food has grown beyond the salads they make.

  • SICC
    Undergraduates Win International Case Competition

    A Georgetown undergraduate case competition team brought home the McDonough School of Business’ first gold medal since 2011 at the Scotiabank International Case Competition in March.

  • Wang's Georgetown Pennant
    Georgetown Soars Into Space Through MBA Student’s Internship

    Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business made its first foray into outer space in late January, when Hall Wang (MBA/MBB'19) sent a Georgetown pennant onboard a New Shepard rocket launch 66 miles above Earth.

  • Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein speaks at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business
    Do What You Love: Carlyle Group Co-Founder David Rubenstein Gives Career, Philanthropic Advice

    Financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein visited Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business on March 27 for a discussion ranging from changes in private equity, to career advice, to reflections on Rubenstein’s life and upbringing.

  • Washington, D.C., Metro map
    Metro Access: MBAs Consult for WMATA

    How do you convince Washington, D.C., area residents to make Metro their preferred transit provider when safety and service reliability issues regularly dominate the news? And how do you convince them that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority should be their employer of choice, too? That was the challenge facing all second-year MBA students this year.

  • Pivot Fellows with Dean Almeida
    Breaking the Cycle

    Georgetown University launched a program to transform the lives of a highly select group of District of Columbia residents released from the city’s correctional facilities who show strong potential to become successful leaders and role models in their communities.

  • Georgetown MBA students on the winning regional VCIC team pose with the award check
    MBA and Undergraduate Venture Capital Teams Advance to Global Finals

    Georgetown McDonough's graduate and undergraduate VCIC teams won their respective Mid-Atlantic regional rounds and will advance to finals this spring.