Finance Faculty

Reena Aggarwal

McDonough Professor of Business Administration and Director, Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy

International financial markets • Market regulation and valuation • Corporate governance • Initial public offerings (IPOs) • Private equity • Capital markets • Emerging markets • Wall Street and stock exchanges • Dodd Frank • Private equity • Proxy voting • Securities lending

Language skill: Hindi

James J. Angel

Associate Professor

Bitcoin • Digital assets • Financial markets • Financial crises • Fintech • U.S. economy • Operation and regulation of the stock market • Capital markets • Wall Street • Dodd Frank • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) • Short selling and “naked” short selling • Stock splits • High-tech/frequency trading/Flash Crash • Equity risk models • Insider trading • Stock exchange mergers • Money markets and funds • Stock volatility • Stock and derivative exchanges (NYSE Euronext, Nasdaq OMX, Deutsch Boerse, etc.) • Healthcare reform

Jennie Bai

Associate Professor

Asset pricing and its connection with corporate finance • Credit risks • Banking • Art market and Asian art

Turan Bali

Robert S. Parker Chair of Finance

Asset pricing • Investing • Risk management • Fixed income securities • Financial derivatives • Hedge funds • Mathematical finance models (econometrics) • Stock returns

Language skill: Turkish

James Bodurtha

Associate Professor

International financial markets • Derivative- and international financial market-related issues • Assets pricing • Investing • Exchange rate

Perianne Boring

Adjunct Professor

Fintech • Blockchain and blockchain policy • Cryptocurrency • Initial coin offerings (ICOs) • Token Sales • Smart Contracts • Bitcoin

George Comer

Associate Professor

Personal finance • Institutional money managers and funds • Hybrid mutual funds • Exchange-traded funds • Municipal bond funds • International mutual funds • Unit investment trusts

Matthew Cypher

Atara Kaufman Professor of the Practice and Director, Steers Center for Global Real Estate

Institutional quality • Commercial real estate industry (valuation and underwriting)

Sandeep Dahiya

Akkaway Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Corporate finance and bankruptcy • Banking and financial institutions • Global markets • Corporate governance and boards • Venture capital • Banking crisis • Lending relationships • Financial economics • Corporate restructuring • Venture capitalists • Entrepreneurial finance • IPOs • Executive compensation

Allan Eberhart

Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Technology-Intensive Education

Personal finance • Personal wealth management • Target based funds • Investments • Refinancing mortgage • Retirement and behavioral finance • Technology-intensive education

John Jacobs

Executive Director of the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy

Wall Street • Financial markets • Market structure • IPOs • ETFs • Corporate governance • Capital formation • Marketing and branding • Crisis communications

David McLean

William G. Droms Professor

Capital markets • Capital market imperfections and the resulting effects on asset prices, corporate finance, and investment

Vladimir Mukharlyamov 

Assistant professor

Corporate finance • Firm strategy and performance in venture capital and private equity, banking, and retail industries

Lee Pinkowitz

Associate Professor

Corporate cash holdings • Corporate governance

Alberto Rossi

Associate Professor and Associate Director, Center for Financial Markets and Policy

Robo-advising • Fintech • Empirical Asset Pricing • Household Finance • Machine learning and finance • Trust in automation • Cryptocurrency

Quan Wen

Assistant Professor

What drives asset returns • Risk-return trade-off • Institutional investors • Frictions in the financial market/implications for market efficiency

Rohan Williamson

Bolton Sullivan/Thomas A. Dean Chair in International Business

Corporate governance and boards of directors • Cash holdings • Executive compensation • Dodd-Frank • Financial crisis • Risk management and prevention • Investment analysis • Tesla

Xiaofei Zhao

Associate Professor

Asset pricing • Quantitative portfolio management • Big Data analysis in finance • Textual analysis of news articles and SEC filings • Labor market frictions and capital markets • Initial coin offerings (ICOs)

Language skill: Chinese