Operations Faculty

Vishal Agrawal

Provost’s Distinguished Professor and Lapeyere Family Associate Professor

Sustainable operations • New product development • Supply chain management • Managerial challenges in business and the environment • Effect of consumer behavior on operations

Volodymr Babich


Problems at the interface of operations and finance • Strategic procurement • Supply chain management • Supply chain risk management • Operations • Finance • Stochastic modeling

Shiliang [John] Cui

Associate Professor

Supply chains • Global production trends • Service Operations • Queuing games • Inventory management • Waiting in line • E-commerce • Product development

Language Skill: Chinese

Robin L. Dillon-Merrill


Decision and risk analysis • Natural disaster impact on decision-making • Impact of near-misses on decisions • Rational choice models • How people think and behave

Ricardo Ernst

Baratta Chair in Global Business and Director, Georgetown Global Business Initiative

Global logistics • Supply chain management • Supplier-manufacturing-distribution linkages • Inventory control • Globalization • Competitiveness and governability • Free trade and Latin American markets

Language skill: Spanish

Kasra Ferdows

Heisley Family Chair of Global Manufacturing

Global logistics • Global trends in manufacturing • International operations strategy • Outsourcing and off-shoring production • Strategic roles of domestic and international factories

Jose-Luis Guerrero-Cusumano

Associate Professor

Benchmarking • Quality control • International standards • ISO 9000 certification procedures • Customer satisfaction • Quality in e-commerce

Language skills: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and German

Victor Richmond Jose

William and Karen Sonneborn Associate Professor

Decision • Risk analysis • Forecasts • Development of prescriptive models and tools that help managers make good decisions in uncertain environments • Probability elicitation, forecast verification, and expert combination of forecasts • Health • Supply chains • Homeland security

Bharat Kaku

Teaching Professor

Global supply chains • Business statistics • Management science • Cellular manufacturing • Facilities layout • Risk management in supply chains

Bardia Kamrad

Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Executive Degree Programs

Risk management • Decision-making problems in the face of uncertainty • Operational risk management issues • Related capital investment problems in operations • Inventory management • Pricing and forecasting • Risk management as a useful approach to economic development

Bonnie Montano

Teaching Professor

Artificial intelligence • Decision support systems • Knowledge management • Information systems

Jonathan Stroud

Associate Professor

Statistical financial data • Bayesian statistics • State space models • MCMC particle filters • Finance Stochastic volatility • Spatio-temporal models • Data assimilation

Sezer Ulku

Associate Professor

Operations strategy • Supply chain management • Outsourcing • New product development • Innovation private equity • Entrepreneurship

Canan Ulu

Associate Professor

Bayesian learning in sequential decision problems • Decision-making under multiple criteria

Language Skill: Turkish

Safak Yucel

Assistant Professor

The energy sector • Capacity investment in electricity and energy supply chains • Energy-related operations • Socially responsible supply chain management • Sustainability • The impact of governmental policies on investments in renewable and conventional energy sources