Strategy Faculty

Paul Almeida

Dean and William R. Berkley Chair and Professor

Innovation • Artificial intelligence • Machine learning • Global business education • International collaborations • Technology and knowledge management

Jasmina Chauvin

Assistant Professor

Firm performance in the United States and emerging markets • Strategic firm management

Arthur Dong

Teaching Professor

Competitive strategy • International economics and trade • China’s economic development and economy

Larry Downes

Project Director, Center for Business and Public Policy

Innovation • Regulation and antitrust • Internet Policy • Technology and innovation policy • Telecommunication and broadband • Net neutrality

J. Bradford Jensen

McCrane/Shaker Chair of International Business

International trade • Imports • Exports • The relationship between international trade and investment and firm performance • Offshoring • Outsourcing • Services trade • Trade and productivity growth • The relationship between increasing import competition on U.S. manufacturers • The impact of trade in services on the U.S. economy        

Lizhi Liu

Assistant Professor

E-commerce • Economic development (China) • Trade Regulation

Language skill: Chinese

Jeffrey T. Macher

Professor and Academic Director, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Microeconomics • Competitive strategy • The management of technology and innovation • Public policy • Vertical integration • Regulation • Semiconductors • Pharmaceuticals • Medical devices • Biotechnology

John Mayo

Elsa Carlson McDonough Chair in Business Administration and Executive Director, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Regulation • Antitrust • Application of microeconomics to public policy • Regulatory and antitrust policy • Competition policy • Econometrics • Industrial organization • Monopolization • Price fixing • Telecommunications and electricity

Nathan Miller

Associate Professor

Antitrust • Mergers • Industrial organization and finance • Price discrimination • Cartel enforcement • Contracts • Microeconomics • Pricing

Ferdinando Monte

Associate Professor

International economics • Economic geography • Firm organization • The impact of international trade on local labor markets and inequality • Models for the evaluation of local policies on local outcomes • Empirical analysis of firms’ reorganization and growth

Language skill: Italian

Dennis Quinn

Vice Dean, John J. Powers Jr. Professor in International Business

Business and public policy • Democratization and economic liberalization in emerging markets • Origins and consequences of international financial liberalization • Globalization • International political economy • Financial and manufacturing structures

Pietra Rivoli

Professor of Strategy and International Business, Executive Director of the Pivot Program

Social issues in international business • Globalization and China • Trade policy • International business • U.S.-China Trade relations • Corporate responsibility

Robert J. Shapiro

Fellow, Center for Business and Public Policy

Economics of growth and innovation • Globalization • Fiscal and monetary policy

Stephen Weymouth

Associate Professor and Dewey Awad Fellow

International business • Political, legal, and social environment of business around the world • Interest groups • Policy change and reform • Globalization and elections • Digital globalization • Privacy laws • International economy • Tariffs