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Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research Showcases Findings

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Georgetown’s Institute for Consumer Research (GICR), sponsored by KPMG and housed in the McDonough School of Business, hosted a Research Showcase on April 25. The event included 16 faculty, research associates, and students presenting their research in “blitz” sessions over the course of an hour, followed by nine GICR fellows displaying their research findings during a poster session.

Faculty, research associates, and behavioral lab and GICR managers presented their research on: 
“Predicting Future Purchases and Understanding Consumers” by Chris Hydock;
“Second Thoughts on Second Opinions” by Sunita Sah;
“Democratic Brands” by Neeru Paharia;
“Super Bowl Advertising…No So Super!” by Ronald Goodstein;
“To Merge or Not to Merge?” by Samuel Skowronek;
“Asking for Favors” by Simon Blanchard;
“The New Luxury Market” by Marlene Towns;
“When Discounting Decrease Price Sensitivity” by Kurt Carlson; and
“Removing the Ugh from Returned Products” by Ishani Banerji.

Fellows' research topics included:
“How Does Word of Mouth Advertising Through Social Networks Influence Millennials” by Karen Lee, Brendan Delaney, and Colin Deffet;
“Crowdfunding and its Entrepreneurial Implications” by Prerna Saini and Jacob Rosen;
“Recommendation Agents: Impact on Consumers and Corporations” by Nicole Yuksel;
“What is the Value of Green” by Jay Legaspi and Julia Ma; and
“The Role of the Sense and Personalization in Marketing Messages” by Tricia Correia.

GIRC conducts and disseminates scientifically rigorous research that leads to innovative and actionable insights about consumers.