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Accounting Faculty in the News

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business’s distinguished faculty members regularly provide thought leadership through various media outlets. They share research insights and commentary on business news.

  • Consumer Spending of Tax Refunds is a Matter of Perspective

    A new study of consumer spending of tax refunds finds a correlation between how the refunds are perceived and whether taxpayers opt to spend the money right away or save it for later. The study, from researchers at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research, found that how consumers view their tax refund —either as an unexpected “bonus” or money the government owes them—influences their spending habits.


  • CEO Succession: A Conversation with Richard Beyer

    An article by Jason Schloetzer: “Recently, The Conference Board published the 2014 CEO Succession Practices Report. As a follow-up to that report, which I co-authored with Melissa Aguilar and Matteo Tonello of The Conference Board, I spoke with Richard Beyer, former Chairman and CEO of Freescale Semiconductor and a director on three public company boards, about his thoughts on CEO succession and the role of the board. Below is a highlight of our discussion. You can listen to our full conversation below.


  • Undergraduates and Faculty Honored at Tropaia Ceremony


    Seniors earning top academic and service honors were recognized at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Tropaia Exercises Friday, May 16, 2014,


  • Alibaba Underwriters Go from Alpha to Beta in IPO

    “I can't think of anyone else who has done that,” Reena Aggarwal, a professor of finance and business administration at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, said of the alphabetical listing of Alibaba's underwriters.


  • Alibaba’s Risks: Chines-Ecommerce Giant Opens Books for Initial Public Offering

    “It’s important to remember why Alibaba is going public in the U.S.,” said Reena Aggarwal, professor of finance and business administration from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and an expert on financial markets with an emphasis on China. “It was not that the company had significant business in the U.S., but that its governance structure was rejected by regulators in the Hong Kong market.”


  • Women in Business – Allison Koester, Assistant Professor

    Allison Koester is an assistant professor of accounting at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in the US. An expert on corporate taxes, financial reporting and financial misconduct, she has been invited to present her research at more than 15 academic institutions.


  • High-Ability Managers Save Their Shareholders Millions in Corporate Income Taxes

    An article by Allison Koester: Each year, the majority of public companies in the United States pay 20 to 40 percent of pretax income to the government in the form of income taxes. Since every dollar of taxes paid is a dollar that cannot be reinvested within an organization, paying taxes could be considered an inefficient utilization of resources.


  • W.P. Carey Inc. Announces Election of Mary M. VanDeWeghe to Board of Directors

    W. P. Carey Inc. (NYSE: WPC), a global net-lease REIT, announced today that Mary M. "Meg" VanDeWeghe has been elected a director of the Company. Ms. VanDeWeghe is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Forte Consulting Inc., a financial and management consulting firm, and a Professor at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.


  • Financial Markets Panel Discussion to Address the Role of Shareholder Activism in Corporate Governance

    The Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy, housed in the university’s McDonough School of Business, will host a timely dialogue on the role of shareholder activism in corporate decision-making in partnership with the Financial Times. The event, to be held in New York City, will bri