At the McDonough School of Business, the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) area combines four related science-based disciplines:

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Operations Research/Management Science
  • Statistics/Decision Analysis
  • Information Technology/Systems Management

The area’s expertise and future growth opportunities are broadly classified into global operations, risk management, and business analytics. These opportunities represent both proven research interests for OPIM faculty and programmatic potential for research and teaching at all levels of business pedagogy.

The mission of the OPIM area is to contribute to fundamental research disseminated in outlets that have the highest impact. To provide superior and transformational education at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Executive levels: in global operations, risk management, business analytics, decision processes, and the use of information systems and technologies that support these activities. To excel in our curricular and professional development objectives in a manner consistent with our traditions and values system.

News From Operations and Information Management
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    As Gas Prices Climb, Which Companies Will Lose?

    "Retailers are affected both directly and indirectly by higher gas prices because you have to consider how fewer people will be driving to malls [instead of shopping] online," said John Cui, a professor at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, who specializes in consumer research.

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    Facebook's Zuckerberg 'Dodges Bullet' During Congressional Hearing

    Betsy Page Sigman, professor at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business, said that Zuckerberg went from "a deer in the headlights" to "articulate and knowledgeable" -- though it will be up to senators to follow up on answers Zuckerberg could not provide during the hearing." "He kept saying, 'my team will get back to you,'" Sigman said. "I hope someone's keeping track of all that."

  • Gray TV
    How To Spot Online Propaganda

    "There are some ways we can spot them, and there are some ways we can report them," said Betsy Paige Sigman, a professor at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. She said there's no perfect test to determine if an account belongs to a bot. … We asked whether Americans should be concerned that bots will sway outcomes in 2018. "I'm not too concerned about that," she said, "but as we all know, elections are sometimes decided by just a few hundred votes."

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    What You Need To Know To Protect Your Privacy On Facebook

    Facebook revealed that for years the social media company has been collecting the call and text history of users who own Android phones. Facebook also explained that people agreed to "opt-in," allowing Facebook to store their cell phone data in order to import contacts to cellphone apps like Messenger or Facebook Lite leaving many users around the world concerned. Georgetown University Professor Betsy Sigman informed us on what we need to know to protect our privacy.