McDonough School of Business

Brooks C. Holtom

Professor Holtom’s research focuses on how organizations acquire, develop and retain human and social capital. His work has appeared in the top journals in management (Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management and many others). In the 2007 AACSB Report on the Impact of Business School Research, his work was specifically cited as having made an important intellectual contribution to policy or practice (along with Michael Porter of Harvard, Peter Senge of MIT and Nobel Prize winner James March).

He was named the 2005 Ascendant Scholar of the Year for the Western Academy of Management and has twice received the Professor of the Year award for the Georgetown University Executive Masters of Leadership Program.

He has performed research in or served as a consultant to many organizations including Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, Citibank, International Monetary Fund, Northwestern Mutual, the Korean Ministry of Finance and Economy, Rolls Royce, POSCO, SK Group, United States Air Force, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the World Bank.