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MBA Student Ambassadors

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Student Ambassadors are current MBA students interested in connecting prospective students to the Full-time and Evening MBA programs and hosting our Experience Georgetown program. Our MBA Student Ambassadors are happy to answer prospective student inquiries at:

Name: Amanda Holst
Hometown: Toms River, New Jersey
Undergraduate Study: George Washington University, Major: Finance
Prior Work Experience: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Public Sector Practice Consultant
Career Interest: Consulting, Corporate Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Director of Career Management: Graduate Student Consulting Group (GSCG); Member: Gay, Ally, and Lesbian Alliance (GALA)
DC­ Neighborhood: Pentagon City, Virginia

Name: Amuche Nwokolo
Hometown: Abagana, Anambra State, Nigeria
Undergraduate Study: University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Prior Work Experience: Dun and Bradstreet, Business Manager
Career Interest: Strategy Consulting and Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Co-President, MBA Volunteers; VP of International, Graduate Women in Business; VP of Finance, MBA Adventure Club; Community Representative, Hoya Cohort; Member: Graduate Student Consulting Club, Finance Club, Clean Tech and Energy Club, Black MBA Association
DC­ Neighborhood: Rosslyn, Virginia

Name: Anuj Khatiwada
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Undergraduate Study: The Citadel, Major: Biology
Prior Work Experience: Recruiter, Civitas Education Partners and Teacher, Teach for America
Career Interests: Strategy and Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Executive Vice President, Sports Club; VP of Technology, Health Business Association; Member: Finance Club, Georgetown Women in Business, Graduate Investment Fund, South Asian Business Alliance, Gray Cohort Social Representative
DC­ Neighborhood: Rosslyn, Virginia

Name: Jonah Trout
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Undergraduate Study: University of Nevada - Las Vegas, Major: Finance and Economics
Prior Work Experience: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Merrill Lynch & Co, Inc., and Deutsche Bank AG
Career Interest: Consulting and Finance
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: President, Graduate Student Consulting Group; Executive Vice President, Gay Ally Lesbian Alliance; Member: Finance Club, Graduate Women in Business, Wine Society, Gourmet Society
DC­ Neighborhood: Adams Morgan

Name: Nayan Archarya 
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Undergraduate Study: Anna University, Major: Engineering
Prior Work Experience: Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting
Career Interests: Management Consulting
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: VP of Communications, Georgetown Operations & Management Association; Student Leader, Global Social Enterprise Initiative; VP of Conference, Graduate Women in Business; Member: Consulting Club, South Asian Business Alliance
DC­ Neighborhood: Arlington, Virginia

Name: Phil Marcus
Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Undergraduate Study: James Madison University, Major: Sport and Recreation Management
Prior Work Experience: Accounting, Operations
Career Interest: Consulting
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: Director of Consulting Trek; Graduate Student Consulting Group; VP of Communications, Georgetown Christians in Business
DC­ Neighborhood: Arlington, Virginia

Name: Zack Smith
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Study: Bates College, Major: Political Science
Prior Work Experience: International Development/ Non-profit management, U.S. Peace Corps and Tenacity 
Career Interest: Consulting, Strategic Planning
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: VP of Finance, Sports Club; Member: Graduate Student Consulting Club, Georgetown Operations and Management Association (GOMA)
DC­ Neighborhood: Glover Park 

Name: Elizabeth Skepnek
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Undergraduate Study: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Prior Work Experience: Consultant and Project Manager - International Non-Profits
Career Interest: Consulting
Club Affiliations and Board Positions: VP of Consulting Day, Consulting Club; VP of Social, Georgetown Women in Business; VP of Career and Alumni, European Business Society; President, Gourmet Society 
DC­ Neighborhood: Adams Morgan