Smart Start

Smart Start visits PwC

Now Accepting Applications!

We are currently accepting applications for the Smart Start program. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and can be found here.

Smart Start Program

The Smart Start Program is a series of workshops, panels, and events that equip a diverse pool of first- and second-year students with the tools for academic, personal, and professional success. In keeping with the Jesuit ideal of “women and men for others,” participants are mentored by peers who have previously completed the program. The program was launched in partnership with PwC, and students also are mentored by Georgetown alumni who work at the company. In addition, as a result of their participation in Smart Start, several students have been hired as interns at PwC.

Smart Start meets once a month on Fridays from 12 – 2 PM.

Smart Start Sessions for 2019-2020 Academic Year
  • Faculty Voices, Academic Choices
  • Personal Brand Management
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Wellness Study Break
  • Preparing for the Workplace
  • A Day in the Life (Corporate Visit to PwC Office)
  • What Would Leaders Do

Student Experience

“Smart Start not only offered me a variety of professional and academic experiences, but also provided me with the opportunity to explore the multidimensionality of today’s business world.”

-Bryce Badger, B’21 

“I’m really grateful for the professional exposure that Smart Start has given me. Besides the fact that I really got to know PwC’s culture early on as a freshman in college, I feel like it has really helped me feel more confident in my professional life. The year-long program helped me ease into the professional world, without it feeling too overwhelming. Because of that, I feel and believe that I got a head start!”

-Lexie Del Campillo, B’21 

“The Start experience helped me understand my professional goals better and allowed me to form friendships that I will forever cherish.”

-Luis Sanchez Canelles, B’21